Fall Tidbits.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I cannot get enough of fall right now.  I knew I loved fall, but for some reason, this year, I am paying attention to the season so much.  I'm taking time to appreciate each color, each sunset, each leaf.  Taking in the smells and sights and sounds of fall.  Appreciating the beauty that is this season as Mother Nature prepares for the cold.

We've had lots of cold, crisp mornings.  The top photo, of the beautiful fall leaves early in the morning, was taken before work.  Shortly after that, it clouded up and then snowed later in the day.  Yes.  Snowed!!!  I love snow more than lots of people I know.  But snow?  In October?  The photo above was a morning this week, with frost on the car.  This little poor leaf.  It's cold!  I am so happy I was able to capture this photo.  Two seasons at once.  I pulled out my boots finally.  Here's a little secret about me: I hate wearing socks but love boots.  No idea what it is about that.

We decorated our little home for Halloween.  We don't have many decorations, and I'm feeling some more projects coming on.  I did cover a beer bottle with some paper and stickers to house our little scarecrow above.  I also finally put together this little foam wreath my Dad gave me several years ago.  It's hanging on our front door.  Not the best looking wreath in the world, and it does look like a kid made it, but I like it and don't care.  It'll do for this year.  And finally, oh this Grim Reaper.  I have a love/hate relationship with him.  He is the creepiest thing around.  He freaks me out every time I open the front door, because he hangs right behind it where we hang our keys.  But I also think he is mega cool.  And so does our little fur daughter Maria.  (Check out this photo from last year's Halloween.  Her and this guy are buddies).  

And in case you missed it, I've been sharing lots of Halloween cards here on my blog.  The one above was created using a card sketch for Practical Scrappers.  I'm also obsessed with googley eyes right now.  It's pretty bad.  I have been putting them on eevverryytthingg.  They're just so...fun!  Now I need to find more excuses to use them more throughout the year.  I'm seeing some Easter bunnies with googley eyes in the near future.

What does your fall look like thus far?  If you'd like, share a link so I can check it out!

Kelster Jean

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  1. I agree with you, this year fall is more vibrant to me than ever before! The hubs has been a good sport to long drives, walks, snapping pics, and football!

  2. I love all your fall inspiration! So fun!


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