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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

UPDATE:  I have updated this post to include photos of Kelly Purkey's and Cocoa Daisy's full December kit, added a photo of the Citrus Twist December kit, and added some more notes.  Hope this helps!

Okay, I know it's only the beginning of October, but I must admit that I've been dreaming of my December album (a/k/a December Daily and Journal Your Christmas) for a few months now.  It happened pretty much right after summer ended.  Now I am not one to just skip fall and straight onto the holidays and get all holiday-crazy.  (Although I do llooovveee the Christmas holiday season so much).  But since I am still finishing last year's December Daily, I have it fresh in my mind.  Plus, it doesn't help that so many companies are releasing their gorgeous kits to help you create your own amazing album.  Since I've been drooling over so many different kits and products, I thought it would be awesome to share a little summary of what's around for you to buy.  And also to help me make a decision what the heck I'm going to do for my album.  I added a few comments too.  Just sharing my opinion here.


Studio Calico December Daily kit
This was the first kit I saw released this year.  Studio Calico (teamed up with Ali Edwards) use the official title "December Daily."
LOVES: The amazing stamp set designed by Elise Cripe Blaha, one of my favorite bloggers.  Also, includes a Handbook album AND free shipping.
CONS: I'm not totally in love with the colors and on the higher price range.
Scraptastic Stocking Stuffer kit
LOVES: Pretty much in love with every single thing in this kit.  Also includes an album and free shipping.  Also, you get access to their class with purchase.
CONS: On the higher price range.

Gossamer Blue December Memories kit
LOVES:   Includes an album and love the embellies (I'm eyeing that coffee cup on the right).  Also a pretty large kit.  (Click on link above for extra photos).
CONS: On the higher price range.
LOVES: A good mix of products and also features a mix of gold and silver/red and gold colors.  Also, the price is pretty reasonable.
CONS: No album with this kit.

Kelly Purkey-December Project kit
 LOVES: The colors in this kit!  And the stamp sets look amazing!  I'm super digging the quotes/words stamps.  And I've met Kelly and super love her, so it would be nice to be able to create with her products.
CONS: No album included in this one.  Also, I'm not a huge fan of neon, although I do think it's cool that there are unique colors in here.

Cocoa Daisy Document December kit
 LOVES: The colors of this kit and the products are amazing!  I really love everything in this kit.  This kit looks like it does include a little mini album.  Good price!
CONS: I learned from last year that my albums get big QUICK!  So that album would be too small.  Love everything else.

Whimsical Twist kit-created by Charissa Miller
This kit was created by my friend, Charissa Miller, for Whimsical Twist.  Her and I are both design team members for Practical Scrappers.
LOVES: This cute is super cute and I love the colors she chose.  It is super affordable.  It also comes with a class.
CONS: I really wish that beautiful Allison Kreft stamp was included in the kit!

Others kits: 

I haven't seen a Journal Your Christmas kit yet and have just heard about it recently from a friend.  It sounds very interesting and I would love to join just for the daily prompts!
The past two years, I've used Evalicious kits.  I was so devastated to learn that she would not be releasing a kit this year.  I almost wanted to buy this kit again just to use it.

I've been waiting to see if Paper Bakery would sell a kit, but haven't seen anything yet.  I'm truly in love with this kit they sold last year.

BasicGrey's 25th & Pine

This is probably my favorite collection on the market right now.  I love the colors and the tidbits and just about everything.  I've been dying to get my hands on some of this.

Silent Night by October Afternoon
OA is one of my favorite designers.  I have so much of their 9 to 5 collection that I'm totally in love with.  I love the little mice in this collection and the washi tape is wonderful!
December Documented by Simple Stories
I love this clean and simple collection, with lots of traditional reds and greens.  And, since this is most likely the album I will be using, using some of this product would be nice to fit right into the album.

Believe by Heidi Swapp
 This collection is just cute and cute and cute!!!  The beautiful colors, the little tidbits, the paper.  I love it all!  I've seen pieces of this collection popping up in nearly every December kit.  I'm thinking some alot of this will be making it into my album.

Allison Kreft Designs' It's Christmas
I also spied lots of tidbits from this collection popping up in various December kits.  I really love the unique colors in this collection and there are so many little touches that would make any memory shine.  I'm thinking the paper clips, the mini bags, and that amazing December Days stamp.
It really is hard to decide with so much to choose from.  Since my budget is pretty small, I really don't want to spend above $60 for my album and my products.  I know this is going to make the decision quite difficult, but I believe I can do it!  I most likely will be building my own kit for my December album.  Also, I have decided that I am not going to document daily, but rather just the little and big and most precious moments.  These are the moments that are so dear to my heart and I want to capture this in my album.
What are you doing for your December album?  Please share!
Kelster Jean

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  1. Thanks for posting these great products! I am like you. I really don't have a huge budget this year. Plus I am a supply hoarder! I am going to make myself dig my stuff out and use what I have. (Then, maybe next year I can buy new stuff!)


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