Snapshots from the weekend

Monday, September 02, 2013

Hello dearies.  I hope you are enjoying a nice long three-day weekend.  I have been enjoying the extra day off by crossing things off my To Do list.  Yeah!  I love that feeling of accomplishment.  Just stopping in to share some snapshots from our weekend.

  • glorious corn.  I try to take a few photographs each corn season.  I love watching the life cycle of the corn from spring to fall and into winter.  One day I will scrapook about this.
  • Mom-in-law's birthday.  We celebrated with a small cake and lots of hang-out time.  She had some very pretty flowers sitting on her table.  (Maybe daisies?  I'm not good with flowers).
  •  Card games.  My mom-in-law, Alex, and I love playing card and board games.  I love it when we have time to just sit and play and laugh.  Last night we played Phase 10 and Uno until 2:30 a.m.  I'm shocked I made it that long.  (I am totally an early bird and not a night owl).
  • popcorn and candy.  On Friday, I stopped at two local stores and picked up some popcorn for myself and some dark chocolate for my mom-in-law.  The popcorn store had tons of penny candy and it took everything in my power to resist filling up a bag.
  • long hair.  I realized at some point very early this morning that my hair is now long enough to braid.  It's a spiky braid but still, it is.  I'm so excited to try a fishtail next!
How has your weekend been so far? 

Kelster Jean  

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  1. Looks like a great weekend. Yes those are daisies. I love little country style candy stores. Your hair is cute.


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