Snapshots from our weekend.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Monday dearies.  I hope you aren't having too much trouble getting back into the grind of the work week.  I was not feeling well most of the day today.  I think I hear my bed calling my name after I'm done writing this post....  I just wanted to drop in and share some photos from our weekend.


Not too many snapshots to share with you from this weekend.  We had a "his" and "hers" weekend, which doesn't happen too often.  Every year, my hubby spends the weekend with his brother at sportsman club.  This is hubby's 7th year attending.  Usually while hubby is away, I wander around aimlessly, finding things to keep me busy and distracted.  I'm still not used to him being away for a few days at a time.  This year was pretty great though.

I spent Saturday in my old neighborhood and visited with some family.  I helped my Aunt run a garage sale and picked up a few "treasures" of my own.  Saturday's weather was perfect for a garage sale.  In the evening, I stopped and visited with my Grandparents.  I love them so much and haven't been able to spend time with them in a little while, so I was so happy to be able to go and visit.  (Me and my grandma above).  I'm also furiously working my way though a little wedding album gift for a friend.  I will share some photos after I'm finished.  The nice thing about hubby being away is that I get to take over the dining room table AND don't have to clean up after myself afterwards.  BONUS!

My hubby was amazing enough to take a few photos for me.  The first one below is of their campground, which he named Polak Point.  Him, his brother, and a few more of their Polish friends always camp together.  That's Alex's amazingly huge tent in the background.  It fits him AND his brother comfortably (now mind you, Alex is 6'4).  The second photo is of the bean bag tournament.  Alex has run it completely on his own for the last few years now.  He enjoys it but next year he may be retiring for a more relaxing weekend.

What was your weekend like?  Anything fun?

Kelster Jean

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  1. Looks like your hubby has fun on his camping trips. Its always great to catch up with family. I try to see my grandparents every week but dont always make it. My weekend was fun with going out with the girls for a couple drinks, watching my son bowl on the jr. league & watching our football team lose to DA BEARS at the last second.LOL.


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