Snapshots from our weekend.

Monday, September 09, 2013

The hubby and I spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend.  The weather was beautiful!  Both Saturday and Sunday we were up and out very early.  Saturday, I woke up at 6:00 in the morning.  Since my hubby was already awake, he asked if we wanted to go for a walk.  We went to a beautiful local forest preserve and quarry and walked the trail around the lake.  It was so beautiful and huge!  I didn't have my camera with me, but did snap a couple photos on my cell phone.  From left to right, top to bottom: an amazing spider web, his and her shadows, us in the sunrise, hubby leaning on the bridge, the beautiful green paths, and our chunky, ugly, walking shoes (but they are so comfy!)

Sunday we were up at the crack of dawn again, so hubby asked if I wanted to go out fishing with him.  We went to a forest preserve a little further away, near where I work.  I was so excited to go since it was the first time I had been at the forest preserve and wanted to check out their walking trails.  While hubby fished, I did a little *Smashing.  (I'm excited that I'm finally filling up these pages.  I'll share some soon!)  It was so awesome to have people stop near the picnic table and ask what I was doing.  I loved that we could both enjoy our hobbies together.

And of course, our yearly tradition: The Sandwich Fair.  We look forward to this every year.  It always falls in between my sister's and Dad's birthdays, so we always celebrate by going to the fair.  It is such a huge fair and it always takes hours to get through the entire fair, and we always miss something.  This year, I didn't take too many photos, but the few that I did take, I love.  My Aunt also came with us and it was super fun getting to spend some time with her.  

Of course, one of my must stops is the bunny tent.  Hundreds of bunnies in all breeds.  Some of them are even for sale too!  Of course, I always want to take at least one home with me.  This little guy was the winner this year.  He was so adorable and reminded me so much of Murphy.  It is so nice to see some bunnies go to good homes.  (Of course we would always choose adoption over pure-bred rabbits.  There are so many bunnies out there that can use good homes).

Our visit to the fair also included stopping to get some yummy porkchop dinners, sandwiches and hot dogs at a little eat-in diner run by the local church, and our ever-favorite kettle corn.  We bought two bags this year: one for my Dad and one for me and I gladly gave 1/4 of our bag to the neighbor.  It was super hot and I spent the best 50 cents of my life on two little fat hair ties and rocked some farmer girl looking braids.  Then, there's the unexpected like the rubber brooms I purchased (to help contain the bunny hair, pellets, and Timothy hay).  These things are amazing and I used them as soon as I got home.  (They work by creating static as you sweep them across the floor.  Perfect for when we don't feel like pulling out the vacuum).

Overall, it was quite an amazing weekend.  Lots of time outdoors before the weather turns.  (Although it's in the 90s today, so I am just dreaming of cooler weather!)  How was your weekend?

Kelster Jean

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love your photos and the new look of your blog! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, that bunny is so cute! I love fairs and festivals! I especially love them when it's cooler outside, so I'm with you dreaming about cooler weather! And that nature walk you guys went on sounds peaceful! It makes me want to drag my hubby out to the park closest to us this weekend. Love the his and hers shadow picture. Also excited to see what you're Smashing!

  3. Sounds fun. I need to tr kettle corn. I see it everytime at our farmes market but never buy any.


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