Amazing Things About Me (Ten Things: White Pen)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello dearies!  Happy Tuesday!  (One day closer to Friday.  Waa hoo!!)  Today at Practical Scrappers, we are sharing ideas using white pen.  My white pen of choice is the Uni-Ball Signo Broad pen.  It was the first one I ever used and I fell in lloovveee.  I can't wait to purchase more colors!

(I will update with products used soon!)

For my project, I went easy peasy with a layout and doodled on my photo.  Well, it's not really doodling.  It's more like free writing...or something like that...but anyways.  I love the idea of writing on a photo.  I'm going to try black pen next.

This week I was really inspired by the American Crafts Blog Hop, where they shared layouts using the "me" theme.  Of course since we don't have kids yet, most of my layouts are about me, hubby, and our bunnies, anyways, but I took this as an opportunity to create a layout that was a message to myself.  See, I'm a pretty judgmental person...when it comes to judging myself.  Sometimes I'm hard on myself and wish I was this and wish I was that.  I see some bloggers' lives and wish my life was similar to theirs.  Sometimes I don't realize how amazing I am and that my hubby loves me for me and fell in love with ME and not anyone else.  

The message I wrote to myself in white pen is "love who you are!"  I'm so happy with how this layout came out.  It definitely reflects me and one of my favorite photos.  Some messiness but also clean.  This is also my first time trying sewing circles.  I'm not going to lie.  Some of them didn't turn out so good.  I started machine-stitching at first and then switched to hand stitching after a few didn't turn out so hot.  (Of course I didn't take close-ups of those, although I did cover them with some bling).  I've been loving circles more and more.

For the arrow and heart, I traced acrylic stamps in white pen and then scribbled the inside.  I love how it turned out!  More messiness like me.

Kelster Jean

PS: I just have to share the photo of this little troublemaker.  Right after this snapshot, she knocked over that wooden easel right onto my layout.


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  1. I am glad you shared your stitched circles. I love stitching on layouts. I also like the arrow & heart! Cute! Sounds like your bunnies are good practice for when you have kids.LOL.

  2. I had left a comment this morning but it isnt here so I will try again. Love the stitched circles! I have always liked stitching on layouts. The arrow & heart are also cute.

  3. Love this layout Kelly! I think your stitched circles are amazing! I will definitely try that out. I've written on photos before, but I've never thought to use a white pen! Love the idea! Totally trying that!And don't forget, you are amazing!


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