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Saturday, August 24, 2013

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The Saturday before Alex went back to work, I thought it would be fun to document our day together.  We usually spend our Saturdays (when Alex has the day off) running errands, catching up on craft projects, and cleaning up around our home.  This really is our every day and I wanted to capture that.  (I also have been looking for any excuses to use my big girl camera and shoot in manual mode).  Here's how our day went.

Of course every Saturday morning begins with coffee and pajamas.  I always try to stay in my pajamas as long as possible before I have to give in to the voice in my head urging me to get going.  Usually, coffee and bunny run time goes hand in hand.  The bunnies get to run around in the morning and in the evening, and if we have a day off, they usually are out once or twice during the day.  My hubby was nice enough to cooperate for a quick outfit photo.  (Since we both have work attire we wear five days out of the week, we always go for comfort). 

After a quick (and extremely unhealthy) breakfast, we drove out to our local Farm & Fleet store.  I love that living in the country, we have the luxury of going to the Farm & Fleet.  Most of our bunny goods are purchased here.  During the spring/summer/fall, no matter where you are driving in Illinois, you should expect to drive through construction.  There's some kind of saying that Illinois only has two season: winter and construction.

Once my hubby learned I would be taking my big girl camera along, he surprised me with an impromptu trip to a local park and zoo.  (What a sweetie!)  A long time ago, mammoth bones were discovered and a park was erected in honor of that finding.  The zoo is small and free to enter (although donations were accepted, which we gladly provided).  All of the animals at the zoo are rescued or adopted from rescue shelters.  The peacock above was really enjoying all of the attention he was getting and showed off by opening his feathers and squawking as loud as possible.  The beautiful eagles above were my favorite.  Both birds suffered injuries to one of their wings and can no longer fly.

We continued exploring through the park and found a beautiful brick wall.  Lucky for me, there was a random picnic bench near it, which served as a perfect spot for my camera to sit for this self-timer shot.  I love that we captured this photo as I never feel like me and hubby  take enough photos that aren't cell phone selfies.  Of course I always wear the perfect footwear for walking long distances.

After we got home, a nap was definitely in order.  We pulled all the blankets and pillows onto our sofa bed (does anyone use that word anymore?) and closed our eyes for a few hours.  It was so hot that day that the walk literally exhausted us.  After we woke up, hubby met up with a few friends to play Magic and I went to a local thrift store to wander around.  (I didn't bring my big girl camera with me because I didn't want anything to happen to it.  I did however, take a photo with my cell phone).  I found some beautiful items at the thrift store.  Unfortunately all the ones in the photo were rejects.


Hubby stayed out late playing cards with his friends, so I stayed at home with the "kids."  Every day begins and ends with bunny time.  Murphy was particularly active and spent lots of time running through my legs.  Of course when it comes time to cuddle, he is all for that and will sit there for hours, literally.  During and after bunny time, I spent the rest of the night researching blog design.

I really enjoyed playing around with my camera and documenting our day.  It may seem boring to most, but it is so special to me.  These are the little moments that make our life.  I hope to document our days a few times throughout the year and see how our life changes as, well, life changes.  I know our days won't be nearly as luxurious once we have children, but I'm also excited to start new adventures with them when the time comes.  Thanks for following along with my day.

Kelster Jean

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  1. Kelly, your photos are amazing! Great job with your manual settings. I especially love those bald eagles.


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