DIY Colored Staples (Ten Things: Staples)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Tuesday!  I'm stopping in to share with you a project I created for Ten Things Tuesday at Practical Scrappers.  This week we are sharing ten project ideas for staples!  Staples are awesome for attaching ribbon and also look great as an embellishment.  For my project this week, I decided to create DIY colored staples.  I only have boring old silver staples and I feel like they needed some color!  Here was my process (super easy and simple):

Start with your (boring, plain old) silver staples.  Break them off into small pieces (depending on how many staples you want).  I put paper towels down to paint over them.  Next, paint your staples.  (I used acrylic paint in five different colors.  I painted them using a foam brush).

After your staples dry, put them back in your stapler.  You may want to add the silver staples to the back of the stapler to push the rest forward.  This will also help the staples to not jam since they are in smaller pieces.

Now you can staple to your little heart's desire in beautiful colors!  I created a card full of colors.  I was so excited to break out my watercolor paints for the first time.  Eeeek!  The painted watercolor strips looked great with my newly colored staples.  Here's a look at the card I created.

While I was in the mood to paint everything around me, I painted these Lilybee Designs mini alphabet stickers to match too!  I literally didn't have one single color of the alphabet stickers in any of the colors on the strips of paper, so I thought "Why not paint them too?"  So, I cut the letters out with the backing (so they would remain sticky) and painted them.  After they dried, I carefully peeled away the backing and added them to my card.

I'm pretty dang happy with how this card turned out.  I've been wanting to try these DIY colored staples for a while, so I'm happy that I tried it and it turned out great.  Bonus!  Hmmm...what to paint next?  There's no stopping me now!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Love those colors! I always like some stitching & the staples go great with it!

  2. LOVE your card! Super cute!!
    Great way to get the colors you want. :)

  3. This is brilliant and your card is so pretty !
    I have to give it a try with alcohol markers...


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