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Monday, August 05, 2013

  • this girl.  She has turned into the "good child" since we moved into the new apartment and Murphy decided he loves to pull up the carpet.
  • summer TV sucks.  Probably because most people are out enjoying their summer days.  Reruns are getting old.  (haha get it).
  • wedding bells.  Helping a friend with so many wedding projects right now.
  • work sucks.  I say this all the time.  There's so much going on right now though.  It really does.
  • dreaming of baby days.  Yes, hubby and I have decided to stop all preventative measures to having kids.  We're so excited.
  • today's the day.  make it happen.  I'm really enjoying using this to do list printable.  I'm in love with lists but terrible at crossing things off.
  • planning.  My biweekly dose of best friend time.  I need it.  It's addicting.
  • peanut.  So happy that hubby blew up my peanut-shaped pilates ball so I can do my morning exercises again.  It really makes a difference.
  • click. click. click.  I'm convinced I need to take more photos with my big girl camera.  I'm getting sick of fablet photos.  (Note: Hubby and I call my phone a fablet because it's the size of a mini iPad a/k/a fablet).
  • omgits.  I've been watching tons of videos from Omgitsemily.  I'm not a huge fan of youtube and never "just watch videos" but I've watched at least 15 of these.
  •  fafafas and veggies.  We're trying so hard to eat healthy.  Not as trendy as "clean eating," just health in general.  We just bought tons of fruits and veggies.  I love fafafas (what I used to call strawberries when I was little).

Kelster Jean

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