Catching Up on One Little Word 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

I started One Little Word for the first time this year.  After the year I had in 2012, I needed One Little Word to help me learn and grow.  I chose my One Little Word: GO.  I kept seeing it everywhere and it was speaking to me.  I decided it would be my word after I heard Green Day's "Let Yourself Go" on the radio.  So I began.  I signed up for Ali Edward's One Little Word 2013 class.  I was excited and inspired.  I purchased a new album to fill up and created January's project (above).  Then, I didn't do any more after that.  It's one of the traits that I love and hate about myself.  I love that I live freely and often disregard 'set' plans.  I maintain a calendar, but am not even good at maintaining a calendar.  I like structure and well thought out ideas.  I like plans and regularity, but I'm terrible at keeping at it.  I've tried for forever now to maintain a regular blog schedule.  I want to share "Wordless Wednesdays" or "What's On My Desk" posts regularly.  But it never happens.  I'm just not good at following through.  And that's one of the traits I also hate about myself.

Fast forward 6 months and half the year is over.  I saw myself losing control with my anxiety, my time management, my stress level and my worrying.  Then one day, I was wandering around a  local Goodwill, during my lunch hour.  I needed to get way for a bit after a stressful morning and made a mad dash to the nearest Goodwill, where I can let my mind wander, collect my thoughts, and drool over some used goods.

Two cardboard letters: g and o.  Sitting right next to each other.  It was fate!  What are the odds that my One Little Word, go, was sitting right in front of me on a dirty, Goodwill shelf full of used junk?  And not with other letters.  Not spelling out an entirely different word like "gone" or "ghost."  Just g and o.  I immediately picked up the letters before someone snatched them up.  (Because we all know at Goodwill, there is always someone creeping around in the background waiting for you to move on so they can snatch up the beautiful junk you were just looking at).  So, I picked it up, still in complete awe, and bought it (along with a few other things).

Since that day, I've slowly been catching up on One Little Word.  I've resumed watching Ali's videos for each month and have really enjoyed reading all of her prompts.  Just making time for One Little Word and reintroducing myself to the word "go" has created a reawakening of some sort in me.  I realized that it was when I let One Little Word go I felt myself slipping away.  So embracing my One Little Word I have.  If you have never done One Little Word, you definitely should consider it.  This is the first year I have participated and will most likely continue for each year from here on out.   This is also the first class I have taken with Ali Edwards and I am just loving her more and more.  I love the way she speaks and writes and often find myself jealous of her amazing ability to use words.  But in taking her class, I also find myself getting better with words, and this I love.

I'll be sharing my One Little Word projects here on my blog and have created a tab at the top of my blog for each access.  I have finished February's prompt and am slowly working through March.  I know it's going to take me a while to catch up, but I am enjoying taking my time and learning through the process.  Hopefully I will be done by the end of the year!  (Who knows, maybe I will keep GO as my One Little Word for 2014).  

Kelster Jean

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  1. Agh! I can't believe the "g" and "o" were at Goodwill - things like that happen for a reason and are not to be ignored! Good luck with your project :)

  2. So happy for you! Keep go-ing!! :) Evie

  3. Good for you! I truly believe it is important to do things at one's own pace and when one is ready. You are GO!
    Good Luck. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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