Altered Photo Frame Clipboard (Ten Things: Paint)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello dearies!

Here I am on this lovely Tuesday morning to share with you my "Ten Things" project for this week.  This week, our ten things product was paint.  You really can use paint for just about anything. I love buying the little bottles of acrylic paint from Michael's.  I have tons of colors and use them for all kinds of projects.

In case you're new to my blog, one of my favorite things ever to do is to alter items.  Doesn't matter what it is.  Nothing is safe!  I'm always buying photo frames from the thrift store.  There's always so many to chose from and they all just stare at you begging to come home with you.  That's where I picked up this baby.

I really thought this frame was beautiful before, but we already have so much brown and black in our home.  And, since this baby is hanging in my craft room, it needed to be recolored.  So add a little paint and take a look at this baby now.

I used Ranger white paint and Tim Holtz crackle paint (in picket fence color) to recolor this frame, along with a basic acrylic paint in rose color.  Let's just note that I had to paint several coats of paint onto this frame.  My hubby then (so generously) drilled in some nails to the back of the frame and I wrapped some photo-hanging wire around the nails to create the "lines."  Now all it needed was some pretty tidbits to clip on, which I clipped on with mini clothespins.

A few pretty fabric flowers, some quotes, a tag from a shirt, and nothing in my life is complete without bunnies.  These are not permanent tidbits, but they pretty up the frame enough for now until I find more goodies to clip.  The best part is that all of it removable so I can change it like I change my mind (which is every ten seconds or so....)

Kelster Jean

PS: Make sure to check out the rest of the pretty projects using paint at Practical Scrappers.

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  1. Wow! That is quite a change. I love the after!

  2. Love it! Of course the pink is great! Such a cute bunny & unique project!


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