Celebrating Mama's Birthday

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Last weekend we celebrated my Mama's birthday.  It was a pretty lowkey birthday since her kids are spread out pretty much everywhere (Kristy in Texas, Bobby in Africa, and Jenny had to work).  So we cooked a small dinner of mini porkchops, pasta salad, and a veggie mix and had cupcakes for dessert.  (And funny story about the porkchops: We didn't know they were breakfast porkchops until after we cooked them.  They were so tiny!  I'm pretty sure Alex was starving the whole rest of the night).  Here's some photos from our night.

Found these awesome colored candles and cupcake liners at Target.

I colored the icing purple with food coloring.

17 candles for my Mama's birthday!

Woah smoke!

My fav.

My Mama and her furry child.
My Mama and I don't always get along (what mother and daughter truly does?) but its days like that show me the true bond I share with her.  I definitely know I get my obsession for picture-taking from her (and my constant criticism of photos).  She is such a strong and independent woman and I cherish the moments when I see that shine through.

Since my Mama is a hippie at heart, I kept the orange/yellow/purple theme rolling: from the candles to the cupcake liners to the icing on the cupcakes and even her birthday card.

My favorite was when she said this was one of the best birthdays she ever had.  Mission accomplished!

Kelster Jean

PS: Big shout out to my friend Betty Crocker for helping me with the baking! 

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  1. The card - and the cupcakees - look awesome

  2. Glad you could make your mama's birthday so special! The cupcakes look yummy!

  3. Looks like the party was a blast. I love the card and the pic of your mom and the furbaby.
    My mom is my best friend 95% of the time the other 5% she is driving me up a wall. LOL.


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