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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I've been thinking lots and lots lately about taking up art journaling.  The last few months (maybe even since last year, in fact) I've been doing (or trying to do) lots of soul-searching.  I feel as though I'm at the age where one tends to feel "lost."  I'm 25 (soon to be 26) and married to an amazing man and have a little family of our own (but still pre-kids).  But at the same time, I am still feeling a struggle, a resistance.  Maybe it is to find who I am, where I belong, what I believe in, and who really is Kelster Jean.  I know I've been struggling between sharing strictly craft projects and every day life on my blog, and finding a happy medium has been hard.

Also, in less than one year, we have 1) moved three times 2) had a drastic change in our every day life schedule with Alex switching from first shift to second shift (second shift hours are from 4:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.), 3) said goodbye to yet another vehicle and said hello to a new one (and hello to new car payments) 4) have learned lots about what it takes to build a successful marriage.  On a personal level, I have 1) gone through a rather difficult anxiety period 2) took on a new assignment at my day job that doubled my work load 3) let a lot of things go that I once enjoyed (and sometimes fell as though I don't really know what it is that I enjoy.) 4) have learned lots about what it takes to be a wife, but still have lots to learn.

I also have been struggling with my appearance.  Growing into a woman, I have curves that are unnatural to me and hard to dress.  I'm short, with a short torso, but long legs, and wide hipbones that often get in the way.  I have a hard time finding clothes and an even harder time finding clothes that I feel confident in.  It makes me feel uninspired and unmotivated.

So I've been looking around for art journal inspiration.  I came across this page from a friend and fellow blogger, Lee-Anne.  Her page above is one of the first pages I saw, and I loved it.  Her quote on the left page reads "Happiness isn't a goal that can be directly pursued, but rather is the indirect consequence of a life well lived."  This is the inspiration I need to create a better version of me.

I started a Pinterest board where I have been pinning ideas for my art journal.  You can view it hereI also found a blog with Tips On A Lovely Life that I would love to incorporate into my journal (source above).  I think having a journal to get messy, pour my heart out, and look back on during my rougher times, is exactly what I need.  I may or may not share my pages on my blog.  Some may be deeply personal and I don't know if I want them out in the world for the public to see.  Some pages may just be for me.  But some I will share.

And now, a final question, do you art journal?  Do you have any words of advice, thoughts, or opinions?  Thank you for reading my everlong post about art journaling.

Kelster Jean 

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  1. Hello Kelly! I love art journaling! But the funny things is, my journal is still empty! LOL. I tried some mixed media projects on my LO and I am planning to use them on my art journal. Hope I can start it somehow *wishful thingking*.

    Anyways, love your site!

  2. Creating is so good for the soul. Art journaling is such a therapeutic thing. I have another post on my blog named "therapeutic scrapbooking". All you have to do is type "therapeutic scrapbooking" in the search box on my blog. Also, there is a good little website called "Scrapbooking From The Inside Out". It is a great way to scrapbook your heart. Another website that is very good is They have a daily email that you can sign up for that is very inspiring. I was very flattered that you shared my art journal. Have a good night! :)

    Lee-Anne Thornton


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