Taking Some Time Off.

Friday, April 26, 2013

"The fire used to burn
in your heart and in your eyes.
You used to dream, you used to care, you used to love, you used to fight.
For anything at all."

The past two months {or so} have been a complete whirlwind for me.  Ever since our little family moved at the beginning of March, things have been crazy.  Lots of life changes and day-to-day changes.  I've gone back into a few habits I don't like at all.  I've voiced a tiny bit in this post and this post.  I've opened myself up to the public and to friends {who may not have known} how much anxiety plays a role in my life.

Lately I have not been enjoying what I am doing.  My crafty projects have not had my heart and soul in them, and rather are just simplied, quick "things" that I have thrown together.  And that bothers me. Alot.  I want my projects to reflect me.  And that is not happening.

So, I've decided to take some time off.  A month.  From the online world.  From my blog.  From my design team.  From all things that have been feeling like a burden lately.  I need to "find myself" and regroup.  There are so many things I wanted to accomplish when we moved that still are not done.  Clean out my laptop and my emails.  My emails just hit 1,100 in my inbox.  Wow.  We still have boxes all over.  My study that holds all my craft supplies is still a complete disaster and there are still boxes all over.  Crafting out of boxes is not fun.  It's like a mad dash everytime I need to create a project.  And I don't like that.

I need to decide what is going to make me happy.  The above photo feels like my every days lately.  And that needs to change.  So I hope you will continue to follow me after my month off.  I love my little blog, but I also need to decide what direction I want to take it in.  More than just scrappy posts and more than just these posts where I complain (because who wants to read that?)  I want a blend of both that works well together.  I also need to downgrade my social networking.  Emails. Facebook. Instagram. Blog. Pinterest.  It can all get overwhelming.  So I want to figure out what is actually important to me.  I think May is going to be very good for me. 

I love you dear readers and followers of my blog and I will seen you soon.  Take care.

Kelster Jean     

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  1. Hope you get everything figured out. Maybe once you are organized & everything is in its place, you will feel better. I will miss you & your posts but take care of yourself. ((Hugs))


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