Too Much Stuff...

Hello dearies.  Happy rainy day Sunday.  It has been raining all day here, which is perfect, since I am spending the day inside going through stuff.  One thing I learned in moving was that I had too much stuff.  And actually, that's a severe understatement.  I have waaayyy too much stuff.  Like borderline hoarder.  Okay, maybe not that bad.  But its alot.  I'm remembering the photos I took recently of my nice, pretty organization and desparately wishing I was back there.

I'm on what looks to be an everlong journey of purging and organizing.  And I'm taking my sweet time.  Yes, that means I am going to be creating in chaos for a little while.  But, that also means that when I am finished, I am going to have an amazing space that I am so truly happy with.  And that also means I can take lots of notes (which I have already started) so I can share them with you to help you get organized.

Wish me tons of luck and patience, so I don't get tired of it and throw it all away, haha.

Kelster Jean 

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