Monday, March 25, 2013

(from leftie to rightie)
  • Working my way through organizing my new craft room is proving to be quite a task.  The upside to this is that I will have tons of organizing tips and tricks to share quite soon!
  • Washi tape for all!  Sent some washi tape strips to a new pen pal recently.  Do you want to share some washi too?  I simple wrapped wax paper around a piece of cardstock and voila!  The washi tape can be peeled off without tearing.
  • This is me about 1/2 an hour ago.  Another round of sickness going through the Guzlas household.  It is so hard to be motivated when you're sick.  When will it end?
  • I'm so loving these magnets on our fridge from a recent craft show: chevrons & mustaches? Win win!
  • My curls have been major curly lately thanks to this pin my sister Jenbabe shared with me.  (Doesn't that girl resemble me with her head upside-down?)
  • Me and this Miss have a Saturday morning ritual going.  It's our best bonding time!
  • I shared this "Hello Snow" layout last week.  This is one of my favorite layouts in a loonngg time.
  • My Mama and Me on Saint Patrick's Day.  We had a jolly ole time(Okay, OCD is noticing that's three consectutive sentences ended in "time."  No more!)
  • Hubby and I are going to see this band in April.  I'm pretty excited even though I'm pretty certain I might get trampled.  (Warning before you click on the link: They're a pretty heavy metal band.  You were warned!)
  • Maria likes to eat my hair....that's still attached to my head.
  • (top) My friend/hairstylist Pam is one of the most inspiring people I know.  She recently shared in our local newspaper her experience as being a senior stylist for The Face. 
  • (bottom) I have nonstop been playing with this bunny toy my sister sent me.  It reminds me of the chicks my mom used to put in our Easter baskets when we were kids.
  • Working on some "new address" cards.  I usually order them online, but may just make my own to send out...maybe.
 What else?
  • I just signed up for Get It Scrapped!'s newsletters and am very excited to see what its all about.  They even offer some free classes!
  • I've been getting extremely jealous of everyone's Project Life spreads lately.  Let's see.  I love this one by Elise and this one by Cathy Zee.  And Elle's Studio always shares the most amazing Project Lifes!!  I really would love to do Project Life, but just really don't have the time and zero spending money to invest in any Project Life kits.  What are your thoughts on Project Life?  Do you participate?
  • I'm a little behind on sharing projects here on the blog, but hop on over to Practical Scrappers to see what me and some of the other girls have been challenged with lately.
Let's all hope together for some warmer weather!

Kelster Jean 


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