Ten Things you can do with patterned paper

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello dearies!

I hope everyone is staying warm with all this chilly weather!  We experienced our lowest temps this week.  On Tuesday, I shared a photo on Instagram (@kelsterjean if you'd like to follow me) of our wonderfully chilly -2 degrees on Tuesday morning.  It was cccchiiilllyyyy!  I wore so many layers of clothes to work, I almost passed out by the end of the day (probably should have taken those off when I got there).
Anywho, just wanted to share with you this week's post for Ten Things.  Ten Things you can do with patterned paper!  If you're a scrapper, you know you have tons and tons of this stuff.  Who doesn't?!  I'm pretty sure there's lots of nonscrappers out there who have tons of papers too.  Who can resist the patterns?  The pretty?  And the themed?  Not me....which is why I loved this week's post.

When I saw this challenge, the first thing that came to my mind was patterned paper with words.  I was so attracted to this gorgeous word paper by American Crafts when I received it as a part of a kit from my sister for Christmas.  I knew I had to do something amazing with it.  And, since sometimes patterned paper with words on it can be hard to use (it can be a little overbearing), I wanted to show a way you could use bold, large-word patterned paper.

Can you believe this frame is from Goodwill?  $1.99 for this baby!  It was a little beat up when I purchased it, but I loved the wide panels around the glass and knew I could do something with it.  Here's how you create this gorgeous and simple home decor project: 
  1.  Cover all four sides of the frame with your patterned paper.  (The easiest way to do this is to remove the backing and the glass, turn over the patterned paper so the back is facing you, and trace the inside frame and outside frame.  Then, cut and turn over.  Ta da!)
  2. Adhere framed-cut patterned paper to frame. 
  3. Cover the backing of the frame with patterned paper.
  4. Use stickers to add your phrase to your frame. 
I decided not to replace the glass into the frame, but you can if you want.  And, just to share a quick story on why I chose this phrase: 
Shortly after Alex and I were married, I was in a shop and saw this beautiful sign that had this phrase.  I loved it and wanted it so bad, but it was sooo expensive!  I passed it up and have never seen one with this phrase since.  (I've even tried to have it specially ordered).  So, I decided to make my own sign that had this phrase.  It's one of the sweetest phrases I have ever seen and perfectly describes my love for my dear husband.
Make sure to hop on over to Practical Scrappers so you can check out other things you can do with patterned paper.  There's some great ideas over there!

Kelster Jean

PS: I'm giving this larger text a try.  That normal-sized text really is starting to look pretty tiny to me.  What do you think?  

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  1. A lot of great inspiration at Practical Scrappers. Great frame project Kelly! I do like the larger text. Easier to read. I have been thinking about changing mine but just havent gotten around to trying something different.

  2. What a transformation! Love this frame!


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