Christmas Cards 2012: One Design Several Ways

Friday, December 21, 2012

We received our first snow fall of the season last night, so today is a blue-text kind of day.  We live in Illinois, so snow is common for us.  But, we went many days without snow.  Last night's snow fall was cold and windy (nearly 50 m.p.h. winds) but is snow nonetheless.  To celebrate our first snowfall, I'm going to share my "Let It Snow" cards I created and also show you how you can change one little detail to create several cards.

Cards measure 6x5.  Products used: kraft paper: Recollections, patterned paper: Pinecone Press; flower die cut: Pinecone Press; snowflake stamps (in background): Unity; letter stamps (for 'let it snow'): Making Memories; snowflake punch: EK Success, ribbon: vintage (thrifted); other: button.

Want to learn how to make this flower?  Find out how below!

These cards were created early in my card-making adventure this year.  I love how simple these cards are, but still very pretty and great to send to someone.  When making multiples, it is easy to get bored with the same design (especially for me!), so the best thing to do when mass-producing is to change up the design.  By changing up one small detail on each card, I was able to make the same card multiple times, not get bored with the design right away, and make each card unique!  Here is how the cards differ: 

  • First card: "let it snow" on the left and the flower on the right, with ribbon on bottom;
  • Second card: ribbon on either side of card, and flower and "let it snow" in the middle; 
  • Third card: same design as the first card, only now "let it snow" is on the bottom; 
  • Fourth card: Mirrored to be the exact opposite of third card-flower is now on the left and "let it snow" is on right. 
And, do you want to learn to make that gorgeous dictionary paper flower?  Here's how: 

  1. Have your die-cut flower in front of you.  Crumble flower in your hand gently and then reopen and flatten.
  2. Fold an 'x' in the middle of your flower.  (Basically, to do this, fold flower in half one way and then in half the other way.  This will create an 'x' in the middle of your flower).
  3. Create an 'O' using your thumb and pointer finger, and press the middle of your flower through the 'O' of your finger.
  4. Keeping your flower in the 'O' pinch the bottom of your flower and add some adhesive to the bottom underside to keep the pinch in place.
  5. Flatten and fluff out your flower. 
  6.  DONE!
(I had to try these a few times before my flower came out okay, so don't get discouraged and keep trying!)

I will be back tomorrow with my final Christmas card post!!!  I saved the best for last!  (What am I going to do without posting all these Christmas cards!?)


Kelster Jean

PS: Be safe if you are out and about in the cold and snowy weather!

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