Thanksgiving Twenty-Twelve

Monday, November 26, 2012

This Thanksgiving was a very low-key one, indeed.  My parents and my sister came over for a nice dinner.  The dinner was a little thrown together, but we managed to get all the essentials in there: turkey, my Dad's homemade stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes and homemade sweet potatoes (I'll be sharing this recipe soon), my sister's green bean casserole, and a few other things.  Later on in the night, during dessert, we had some very dear friends over.  They are Mormons and live in our old apartment building.  We have been very lucky to meet several rounds of Mormon missionaries who have been living in our old apartment building, and we were honored to share our special holiday with them.

I was a little disappointed in realizing these were the only three photos I had the chance to take.  But, with my Mom feeling under the weather, and us just wanting to sit around, enjoy family and friends, and football, it was all the photos that needed to be taken.  The top photo, of my Mom and I, is so dear to my heart.  My Mom has been very exhausted since starting her new job at the CTA, and has been under the weather for the last week or two now.  (Currently, she is in the hospital with beginning stages of pneumonia).  In the midst of all this, taking this simple, sweet photo showing off our relationship meant the world to me.

This Thanksgiving was all about realizing how thankful we are.  Alex and I have had some pretty bad spouts of bad luck lately (of which I will keep private).  It has been a test of our relationship and the strength and support we have for each other.  Also, my older sister and younger brother were not here to share Thanksgiving with us (we miss you dearly!)  But, despite all this, its impossible to not realize how truly blessed we are to have our health, family and friends, a steady income and a place to live, and our two little furry children being healthy.  We are so thankful for all of this, and that keeps us going.  And, although we may be indecisive about our beliefs, Alex and I do believe that if there is a God, He would not throw anything as us that we could not handle.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Bring on the Christmas season!


Kelster Jean

PS: Check out this super sweet video, which truly shows you what it means to be thankful.

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