A Week in my Life

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Last week I took a few vacation days from work.  Honestly, it was so so nice to have some time to myself and to do whatever I chose.  Since I {basically} work a 9-5 job Monday through Friday, I wanted to document what a week in my life is like when I am not at work.  I've seen other bloggers do similar posts and have really been interested in creating one of my own for a while.  {Of course, I couldn't really share "a week in my life" when going to work every day because it might be a tadbit boring....}  Anyhow, here is some of what I did during my week off:
Sat and enjoyed my coffee.

Photographed a super amazing fortune that hubby and I received the night before at dinner.  (This is perfect for us in this moment of our lives.)
Watched the morning rush {and enjoyed that I didn't have to participate!}
Played with my camera.  (Yes, that's my eyeball!)
Cleaned up this {super} mess of a craft room!
Played with my Slice.  (I really need to use this baby more.)
Created some fall goodies.
Tried some new techniques {using these distress inks and tools from Making Memories}.

Ate several peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.
Had some close up time with this little mama.
Tried out a few new up-dos.
Marveled at how this little one acts like a doggie.  (He's actually using the box to lean against and lay down...really?)
Photographed a new tutorial.
Had a Friday day-date with this guy and did a little shopping too!
A little { some less interesting} things I did while I was off were: 
  • Organized, repacked, and moved some boxes into our storage. 
  • Cleaned up a bit.  
  • Baked a peach cobbler.  (It originally had turned out great, and I thought it was really tasty!  Until, Alex mentioned that I forgot to take the skin off the peaches.  Really?!  That wasn't in the recipe!  In the end, not that great, but I'm learning...slowly).
  • Visited all four of my Grandparents.  (This really really made my day as I got to spend a huge chunk of time with all four of them, which is rare).
  • Did nothing.  (I will admit that while I did tons of stuff on my days off, there was plenty of time to do  absolutely nothing.  It was great!)
Well, I hope you enjoyed my little "week in my life" special.  It's going to be a while before I have that much time to do what I want.  I really really enjoyed my time off.  I will admit that going back to work was a little refreshing.  (I know...some people will think I'm crazy for saying that, but I am a working girl.  I can't help it!)  Have you had a staycation before?  If so, what kind of things did you do? 

Kelster Jean

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