Thursday, August 16, 2012

A NOTE: I've been itching to write blog posts, but just have not had the time or energy to really sit down and write and upload photos and all that jazz.  So instead, I decided to write a simple post about basically nothing {and everything} at the same time.  This blog is, after all, not just about crafting and projects and outfits and books and photos, but a document of my life and my everydays.  It's Things About Stuff.


Listening to Adele's 21 album.  I discovered this album before the Adele-craze, but after lots of people already knew her name.  I love that although Adele's album is mainly about love, it can be interpreted so many different ways.  I guess that's what defines a true artist.  Someone that can make something that can be interpreted in so many different ways.  Everything about this album is beautiful.  I can listen to it over and over and never be sick of it.  It's pure happiness to my ears.
Also listening to the pitter-patter of little bunny feet.  With lots of boxes and containers around, the apartment has a kind-of echo to it, and it makes little bunny feet sound so much louder.  Murphy and Maria are having such joy in running around the maze of stuff in the living room.  I love seeing them discover a new place they can get into.  Alex and I are lucky to be able to enjoy them this long despite their health issues.  {Murphy is quite old, near 13 in fact; and we had a scare with Maria when we found out a tumor was growing inside her.  The doctor gave her a month to live and that was March 2011!}
This little guy is my heart and soul.

Alex's sweet baby girl.
Feeling relaxed, happy, sore, exhausted, content.  Going through all this with the apartment has definitely taken a toll on all of us.  Alex and I have done our best to be there for each other, and not be short-tempered with each other.  We had no idea that only after a year in our apartment would we be packing and moving again, yet here it is.  And after 6 months, when our lease expires, we will most likely be doing this all over again.  Hopefully that time will be permanent as we will try to find a house to make a home.  I'm so excited and can't wait.

Making me happy right now are so many things.  I am realizing more and more each day how lucky I am to have such an amazing guy by my side.  He can make me laugh during my most vulnerable moments and for this I am forever thankful.  How I was blessed to be this lucky I have absolutely no idea.  One of my favorite quotes is a lyric by Good Charlotte.  I believe it describes us perfectly.  {below}

"There's a love that can fall like rain."-Good Charlotte
I've been dreaming up tons of crafty projects lately.  It's so refreshing to have endless motivation.  Looking through my projects, I realize how far I've come from my first scrapbook page.  {Yeah, not so good!}  The internet is amazing for inspiration but it can also be a little intimidating to see so many "super amazing" layouts and cards and dream of being there one day.  I realize that while I may never get "there," my craftiness has stepped up its game so much.  I am so proud of what I am creating and really can't wait to see where this journey will take me and what possibilities it will allow.
One of my favorites.
I'm sad that summer will be ending soon.  Alex and I definitely achieved our goal of wanting this summer to be "ours and only ours."  Last year was so hectic for us, with planning and celebrating our wedding party, so we made our one ultimate and true goal to have this summer be "ours."  And it was!  We did so many things we wanted to do and really have so many awesome memories.  I'm sad that summer is almost over.  It went so fast!  One of the things I that truly defined this summer is our friends.  We met so many new and amazing friends this summer playing beach volleyball at Suzy's.  Some were already friends and some are new, but they are all good friends now and it is the most we can ever ask for.  I feel so lucky to have so many people love who love and care for us and would do anything for us.

Seriously best.peeps.ever.
Living and loving life.  I must say that life is always throwing things at us.  I'm learning to not sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff.  (haha Kristy!)  Taking one day at a time and not freaking out is really the best advice I have.  And looking at what you do have.  I have a job I love, a hobby that I love, a sweet guy who loves me unconditionally {and who's willing to compromise...alot}, two little furry babes who melt my heart, and amazing family and friends.  What else is there to ask for? 

How about you?  What has been making you happy lately?  Thank you, as always, for reading and following along.

Kelster Jean

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  1. I have Adele's 21 CD in my car right now. Love her music. I hear her music on the radio quite a bit at work but still listen to it my car also.I also hate that summer is ending soon. It is my favorite season. It seems like it always goes so fast. Good luck finding a house next year. Sometimes that can be frustrating but it is worth it in the end when you find the one you love. The thing that is making me happy lately is being able to talk to all the peeps at ck. Especially when I have bad days like this week. Cant wait to meet some peeps next year. Should be a blast. Right now I am looking forward to going to Scrapfest at MOA next month. Time to myself & scrappin the whole weekend. Hope you have a great weekend Kelly Jean!

  2. i love that adele album. i could listen to it on repeat for hours :)


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