12 Before 25

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tomorrow I will be celebrating my 25th birthday.  I'm so very excited to take on a fresh new year full of lots of possibilities and memories just waiting to be made.  24 was such a great year for me.  I've met so many new friends that I love, taken on challenges, and faced some fears.  So, on my last day of 24, I wanted to reflect on some of this year's memories.
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July 2011 featured one of my favorite birthdays ever!  I received the best birthday card ever from my dear amazing hubby, and created one of my favorite layouts to date.

August was a HUGE month for me and Alex.  Most of that month was centered around our wedding party, and while it was quite stressful at the time, it's so nice to look back on the memories.  We had our wedding party on the beach in Lake Holiday and it was so beautiful! 

September featured some of my favorite blog posts and, in September, I crafted lots of memories.  This included one of my favorite layouts about this amazing girl {my best friend Jessica}.

This month, we celebrated my dear Grandpa's 80th birthday.  We threw him a huge party and even was able to get most of the family together to celebrate!  It was one of my favorite memories of 2011.

What else can November be centered around BUT Thanksgiving.  {It's Alex's favorite holiday and he won't hesitate to tell anyone that}.  We had a very low-key Thanksgiving last year, which consisted of several hilarious moments, including Jenny-O the Turkey Killer, and playing Slingshot with that same turkey in the apartment.  {Great idea, right?}

December was a HUGE month in my year of 24: celebrated the holidays, took one of my favorite photos ever of me and the hubby (below) at the Blackhawks game, and found out I'd be starting the new year off with a new job!

January 2012 was cold....that's about it.  I was getting into a new groove at my new job, and scrapbooked some great winter memories.  Alex and I had a GREAT DEBATE about whether the little black sign in the layout below is called an "anti-sign" or a "no-sign."  (Stupid, I know)....

In February, Alex and I celebrated THE BEST Valentine's Day ever.  While we're not big on holidays, it's a great excuse to go out on a super date and have a great time.  (We went to the House of Blues to see Silverstein-one of our fav hard rock bands).

Apparently not much happened in Marsh, so here is a layout and a card I created that month.  I love my Grandma's house and created this layout for her of some of the "pretties" I see when I'm there.

Alex and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!  {enough said}.

May was a usual month.  We celebrated Mother's Day to all the mothers and furry-moms out there, and I participated in a Mother's Day Blog Hop featuring this altered frame below:

 June kicked off Summer, and literally the funnest {yeah, I'm creating that word} time ever.  I created a mini album to document my summer memories, started playing volleyball on Friday nights with the best {ever} friends, and enjoyed each Summer day so far.

I hope you will join me for the next year of adventures in my life.  Thanks for sticking it through all the way to end of this {super long} post.

xoxo, Kelster Jean

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  1. Love the idea of this post. Just reflecting on what happened during the year. I might have to do this on my 1 yr. anniversary of my blog. That wont be until the new year tho. Have a Great day Kelly!


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