A Little Green...and Some Blog Photo Secrets.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today I am feeling a little under the weather {which is so unfortunate since it is absolutely gorgeous outside again, and a Sunday!} So, while I am on the couch being sick, I thought I would share with you a little {huge actually} album I am working on for a client. A wedding album.

This album is themed with beautiful green colors and lots of wedding-love. It is an album using split page protectors. This is my firs time creating an album with split page protectors, and I must say that while it is a little intimidating, it has been truly fun to measure out all the spaces and fill them with pretty things. Have you ever created using split page protectors? I would love any advice/ideas that you have.


Kelster Jean

PS: Can I share a photo secret {or two} with you? If you're like me and drool over the look of Instagram photos, but don't have an iPhone, then this little secret is for you!

*You can create the same gorgeous effects on your photos and share them easily using Photobucket! Photobucket used to be only for Myspace users as I way to share cool photos, but not anymore.
*Upload your photos to Photobucket (you will need an account).
*Edit your photos with the wide variety of tools (including cropping and all sorts of effects including retro, blurred edges, old photo, and the more common bronze/sepia/black-and-white, just to name a few).
*Create a collage {my favorite!-see photo above}. They have lots of different size collages to choose from (from 4-photo collages to 9-photo collages and above).
*Share your photos directly from Photobucket (Note: I have yet to use this feature).
*Add text directly to your photos (see above).

I hope you give this is a try! It may be a little more time-lengthy but once you get in a groove, it really doesn't take that long. If you do use this, let me know how it goes. Have a great week!

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