Inspiration: Junk Drawer Items

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello everyone:

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I wanted to share with you a challenge I am hosting over at Club Creating Keepsakes:

As crafters, we find inspiration all around us. I am a person that is constantly inspired by everything I see: things in stores, in magazines, junk mail, scrappy packaging, everything! And, since I am a complete recycle/reuse person, I love collecting little things to use on my projects. So my challenge this week is to: use a junk drawer item on a card.

Below is some inspiration if you want to participate in the challenge:

This little baby is a box my hubby received in the mail from a cigarette company. I throw all my "pretty junk" in it that I one day want to use.

Some of my pretty junk inside the above box: two tags (the "Jolt" tag from a jacket, the "Heart Soul" tag from a shirt), and two packaging items (from some vintage Rick Rack).

And here is a tag I used on a card. This is the "before" of the tag.

And here is the card that I created using the tag.

Tomorrow, I will post a tutorial on how to make this card and the flowers on the card. In the meantime, hop on over to Club CK and participate in the challenge. The random winner selected will receive an RAK featuring SMASH goodies!(Perfect for junk drawer items).

Kelster Jean

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