Some*bunny* Loves Me

Well, two actually. I've been spending lots o' lots of time with my little family. Mean Mr. Winter has definitely been getting to me and I have not been scrapping lately.

Luckily I have two amazing sisters to come and kick me in the butt every now and then. So, this weekend, I made this little guy:

The inspiration behind this layout? Club CK's issue challenge to use a card that inspires you to make a layout. Here's the card I used (from Paper Crafts' Card Creations mag):

I loved loved loved how this layout came out. Nothing better than featuring my little furries (and their story about how they are secretly not snow bunnies)!

Kelster Jean

PS: I picked up the goodies for the winner of the Valentines' Blog Hop. I'll be sharing a sneak peek soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Great inking on your page! And awesome stitching on your card is great - you are much better than I am LOL


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