The Magic of the Season

Monday, December 26, 2011

It's been an up-and-down holiday season, filled with lots of joy {and sorrow}. Real life definitely trumped this holiday season:

**A dear uncle has been very sick.**
**Both mothers in my life struggling in their own ways.**
**Saying goodbye to my dearest Fred the Ford Focus {my first vehicle}.**
**Saying goodbye to a work family {so dear to my heart} to start a new opportunity.**
**My dear hubbie coming down with very bad tonsillitis.**
**Trying my best to keep the holiday spirit.**

Because of this, this holiday season was more important to me this year than ever before. I needed the little moments, the family, the music, the magic. And that was the best gift to me of all.

{from left to right}:
*Saying farewell to my dear Fred Focus.*
*Playing games to clear the mind.*
*Welcoming our new Fernando the Focus.*
*Sending Holiday goodies to my Secret Santa.*
*Stopping to admire the beauty in melting snow.*
*Playing in the snow.*
*Our first Cookie Exchange! {with lots of dear friends}*
*Enjoying a work holiday gathering.*
*Appreciating El Husbando, who made me smiles lots this season.*

{from left to right}:
*A happy bunny {our furry child Murphy}.*
*Sharing bunny kisses.*
*"Do you hear what I hear?"*
*The warm glow of the Christmas tree.*
*Our one hanging ornament on the tree.*
*Loving their new tunnel {our furry child Maria}.*
*Feeling so lucky to have this little lady {happy and healthy} in our lives.*
*Mommy and Murphy {he's a Mommy's boy}.*
*Can you find the bunny under the tree?*

{from left to right}:
*Celebrating our first Christmas together as husband and wife.*
*Appreciating the furries in our life {and giving them lots of love and affection}.*
*Thankful for the wonderful family we have.*
*Still a Daddy's girl.*
*So thankful for the special bond between Grandpa and I.*
*Three generations sharing the same technology.*
*Two generations of Alex's building legos together.*

I am also truly thankful for a dear Uncle, who reminded me on Christmas Eve of the reason why we celebrate these Magical Moments and who reminded me that these little moments are the ones that truly matter.

And now, to look forward to a new year. Alex and I are looking ahead and not looking back, and are so excited to begin a fresh new year. Happy Holidays!

Kelster Jean

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