Weekend Warrior-Not Such a Warrior

Monday, November 07, 2011

This weekend, I was feeling under the weather, so the Weekend Warrior in me was not such a Warrior. I did manage to get a couple things done though:

Friday: was spent with my hubby. We watched the hockey game and hung out. Hubby made super yummy pork sandwiches on ciabatta (spelling?) bread rolls.

Saturday: was a beautiful day for new friendships. Hubby went in to work a few hours and I dropped some goodies off at the post office, and received some goodies (which I will be sharing later). Then it was off to the Library to volunteer for a Book Sale, where I met some phenomenal ladies, including one named Carol, who provided me with the possible opportunity to volunteer at the nursing home in Sandwich (which of course, I would be honored and love to do). Then, I met some new scrappy friends at the Library and we have promises to get together in December! I don't have any scrappy friends around me, so super excited about that. Saturday night was spent watching Something Borrowed (cute movie but a little hard to watch if you have a best friend that you love so much!) with my dear friend Jessica Lynn and her sister Elena.

Sunday: Sunday was catch-up on scrappy projects time, although if my day went better and I was feeling better, I'm sure I would have been much more productive. So, I started a layout for Erika's Weekly Issue Challenge and worked on some goodie mailers to go out to some girls from Club CK (will share later as well). Then, after having a disaster of fruity tea being spilled all over my craft room (Yikes!), I called it a day and Hubby and I went and had dinner with his parents.

All in all a really hectic but semi-productive weekend. Now, still feeling under the weather, I'm taking the day off to let myself heal. I will leave you with some sneak peaks of things that I have been working on (and cannot reveal yet and you will find out why in future posts this week).

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