Challenge: Blurry Photos

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Everyone takes blurry photographs. It happens! I know I have tons of blurry or imperfect photos just sitting, waiting to be chosen for pages or albums. I've never tried to scrap these imperfect photos because I don't want to highlight that I didn't get "the perfect shot." Well, recently, one of Erika's Issue Challenges over at Club CK was to do just that: Use a blurry photo for your LO or project.

Immediately, I thought of: how can I "sneak" a blurry photo into my LO without having it really be noticed as a blurry photo? But when flipping through photos I saw this photo of my Mom, Sister, and I, I knew I had to use this one. This photo was taken with my Blackberry in a movie theatre bathroom. It was July 4th weekend and we went out for a belated hangout for Mom's birthday to see Bridemaids. We had so much fun that day just hanging out and seeing where the day took us.

It was a day that just had to be scrapped! Everytime I see that photo it makes me smile.

My Mom loooooves the color purple, so using this color was a must! Instead of "sneaking" the blurry photo in, I highlighted it to it's fullest potential. I'm very happy with how it came out, and realized that there was really no need for it to be sitting in a box for months. I can't wait to use more blurry photos in more layouts.

Next time, challenge yourself to use some of those blurry shots! Yourself from the future will appreciate that you used it.


Kelster Jean

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