Weekend Warriors

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This weekend we....
....had lots of "in the moment" photo ops.
....listened to lots of sounds of fall.
....played lots of peekabo.
....shared lots of bunny kisses.
....had some "climb all over Daddy time."

This weekend I....
....enjoyed the rest of the fall leaves while it's still around.

This weekend I....
....officially became "Kelly Guzlas" at work.

This weekend I....
....worked on a fun scrapbook layout for a really cool "blurry" challenge.

This weekend I also realized that blogging has felt more like a chore lately than a fun way to document my life and days. Maybe that's why this is my first post on this here little blog in nearly two weeks. I've realized that I've tried to introduce lots of segments into my blog that I don't quite have time for in this little busy life. So...after much realization and thinking, this weekend I....decided to let my blog be my blog and let it flow by what I have time for, am interested in, and what makes me happy. This unfortunately means I won't be doing anymore outfit posts, not too many thrifty finds posts (although I'm going to through them in here and there because I love doing these!), and will be adding/continuing other features. I really have enjoyed doing the Weekly Specials, although lately they have been turning into more like bi-weekly specials, but nonetheless, I am going to attempt to keep up on these. I want to look forward to my blog and to writing on my blog, and freeing myself. I'm hoping this "There really are no rules, do what you want when you want" kind of mentality will be good for me. And I hope you will stick through it all.

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