Sweet Baby Boys and Girls

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I always get so excited when I found out a new friend is having a baby. I love love love kids and can't wait until we have some rugrats of our own. Since that's about 2 years down the road, all of my urge for baby-related things goes into gifts and cards for friends {which they're not complaining about}.

Baby Boy card:

Baby Girl card:

{Both cards are inspired by this card from Paper Crafts magazine Card Creations Volume 9 (by Michelle Phillippi called Cute Baby Banner).

I find it sooooo much easier to make things when you know what someone is having. Since I have a dear friend at work who is also expecting soon, I will be sharing a baby banner next week sometime.

I always wonder if Alex and I will find out what we're having. While we will just be happy with a healthy happy bouncing baby, I think that we also would like to find out what the gender is so we can be fully prepared when they come. Can you believe we already have names picked out? No debating about that here!

Kelster Jean

PS: Hope you're having a wonderful Halloween weekend! Hubby and I are just bumming around and do nothing, although I might dress up as a fisherman for work tomorrow!

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