Wedding Party Highlights

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whew! Planning a wedding party is really hard work. I got a taste of what it would be like if I was a wedding planner for a living, but way beyond that. Alex and I have been working endlessly {with the help of my amazing sister Jenny (who has an amazing new blog, check it out)} for the past two months and it has finally all paid off. Alex and I could not be happier to share our wedding party celebration with all those who are so dear to our hearts. We are blessed to have so many family and friends who love and appreciate us, so we were so happy that lots of these people came out to share our love. Here are some of the highlights from our beautiful wedding party:

The decorations:When thinking of the party, I wanted it to be a paper paradise so we filled the room with lots of handmade paper beauties.

Handemade paper bouquets. We made 8 of these babies!

This "Welcome" sign was perfect to hang above the doorway.

These paper chandeliers are made out of tissue paper and are super easy to make.

These cute little flags (we made 10 of these) were also super easy to make. Just paper and a stick!

The pig roast: We decided to do a pig roast as it was a twist on a BBQ and most of our family/friends are from the city. Everyone loved it and it was super super yummy! NOTE: THERE ARE PHOTOS OF THE PIG BELOW, SO PLEASE PASS THEM UP IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE THEM!

The Food: To help us fill in on the sides, appetizers, and desserts, we asked some people to bring a dish. Little did we know everyone would bring a dish, so we ended up with lots of extra food (which was nice because basically everyone got doggie bags).

This amazing turtle spinach dip was made by my fabulous girlfriend Jessica. She's getting so talented at twisting bread!

This amazing cake was baked by my sister Jenny. She worked so hard on this and it was sooo yummy!

These amazing piggie cookies were made by Alex's cousin Kristin. She made tons of them and they were so amazing! I loved that she made us our own special piggie cookies with our names on them.

And Finally! No matter what, something always happens to rain on our parade. In this case, it was rain literally! Luckily, the weather was nice enough to only last several hours of our party (thanks Mother Nature!). So, after the sun peeked out again, we wandered to the beach to take some photos.

Photos taken by my ever so lovely sister, Kristy.

We enjoyed ourselves so much and must admit, we are happy to go back to our normal every day lives. I love my new husband so very much and am just so excited to begin spending the rest of my life with him.

I'll be trying to get back to a normal post schedule on my blog and will be posting some new crafty posts soon. Stay tuned!

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