Unlock Your Story: Elizabeth Kartchner workshop

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Me and the hubby will be very busy the next couple days and weeks. We have finally put our wedding party back on and I will be sharing lots of cute fun things I plan to do. In the meantime, I will be scheduling quite a few posts to keep my little blog happy.

This is a mini album I never shared. I made it last winter, in a workshop taught by my favorite crafter, Elizabeth Kartchner. {Check out her amazing blog here. She is so talented and shares really cool craft projects, as well as blog posts about her everyday life with her cute family}.

Anyways, back on track. Last winter, I took her workshop for this mini album "Unlock Your Story." This is the first online workshop I have ever taken and it was sooo fun! You could go at your own pace and finish the album in as much time as you needed.

I made my mini album about that time in my life. Alex and I had just moved into our first apartment together and were loving spending lots of time with our furry baby (this is before we got our second bunny Maria). This was one of the happiest times in my life so far and I felt so blessed to have so much. So, without saying anything more, here's the album:

{This is the cover of the album. I learned really cool techniques, like painting, and using paint around the border of your chipboard album so the chipboard doesn't show.}

{The album included two vellum envelopes with 3 pages of journaling each! I loved how much journaling was in this album because usually mini albums are for quick thoughts and memories. Now I can forever remember how I felt in that moment.}

{This was the first time I also used spray ink, which is super fun and pretty if you get the chance to use it. Here we used a "mask" by using leaves to cover the canvas page and spray over it, which revealed underneath the leaf patterns. The flower is also sprayed pink as well}.

{This is an acrylic page. My favorite page of the album is the page above. It came out so precious (and the first time I used a rolled flower! Woo hoo.)}

{Another larger rolled flower for the 2nd vellum envelope....and tulle! I'm pretty convinced that this is where my love affair with tulle began. I use it on everything now!}

{A tag as a journaling page?! How genius is that?}

{This is where my heart lives! THE END!}

If you ever get the chance to take a workshop by Elizabeth, you should. She is amazing in her creativity and creates beautiful things. She recently launched a new online workshop website called Make Something Splendid. There are lots of amazing workshops on there, and, you have the option to either purchase the kit or make the project from your own stash. If you have the chance, definitely check her out!


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