Friday, July 22, 2011

This has been a rather crappy week for me (even though it was my birthday!) so I decided to share a quick post with some of the highlights of my week and last weekend.

#1-3. Hubby and I went to a birthday party at the Morton Arboretum. While we were there, we took a quick tour of the park, where we got to see lots of beautiful trees. #2: There was an art display there where artists put their art on trees. This one was covered with yellow tape (of course its all safe for the environment).

#4-6. As I mentioned, it was my birthday on Monday, but because this was such a crappy week (I won't get into the details), I haven't been feeling it. I must say that this birthday was one of the suckiest I have had. My hubby was amazing and tried to make me feel tons better by taking me to dinner for burritos! {I got a chorizo and egg burrito (see center)}. The right photos is one of my better hair days this week.

#7-9. More photos from the birthday. I am so insanely lucky to have such an amazing husband who is always there for me and makes me feel wonderful and loved. The center photo is a super sweet card he gave me that I will cherish forever!.

#10-11. And finally, these are photos from the rest of our week. We found this adorable squirrel at the Morton Arboretum. He was enjoying being fed pretzels by us. The other photo is {of course} the corn. I look forward to the corn growing taller and taller every year. It is so tall its like being in your own little world. I'm always sad when fall arrives because I know that means soon the fields will be naked and lonely again.

Kelster Jean

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