The Best Ever....

Do you ever finish a craft project, and as you stare it afterwards, criticizing it {because we all do that}, you realize that you just made your best craft project ever?! {Then the light shines down on you and the orchestra in your head begins to play}...

Okay, maybe that's a little extreme. But needless to say, after I finished this scrapbook page of me and my sister, Jenny, I realized it was one of the best layouts I have ever made, and let's just say I was a proud little crafter indeed.

I created this page based on a scrapbook challenge in Elizabeth Kartcher's 52 More Scrapbook Challenges book. One of the challenges is: Let a song lyric inspire a layout.

My sister Jenny and I love this song called Hair by The Early November. {You can watch the video here}. We forever sing this song together in the car, on full blast. Therefore, this story just had to be told.

Sometimes, I'm very critical about my work, so it was such a change of pace that this page felt effortless and came out simply beautiful.


Kelster Jean

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