Wedding Wishes Come True

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Yesterday, Alex and I attended a beautiful wedding for his cousin Tony and his new wife Rebecca. We had such an amazing time and the whole wedding was so beautiful.

1. Rebecca looked so stunning and her wedding dress was beautiful. They were married at the Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago.
2. The reception was held at the Palmer House in downtown Chicago. There were beautiful fresh flowers like these on every table.
3-5. Look at this beautiful wedding cake. It was made by Rebecca's aunt and was truly amazing! I can't believe all the details on this.
4. Portillo's famous chocolate cake was served. {Luckily, I got to take mine home with me!} This cake was so amazingly yummy I felt like it was a sin to eat it.
5. On every table, there were beautiful chandeliers with flowers and candles in them, like this one.
6. In addition, to the yummy cake, there were also dessert trays filled with little goodies like these.
7. My hubby and I both had an amazing time, and even got to share a few dances ourselves.
8. It's amazing how much I love this man. I'm so lucky to have him as my husband. He is seriously the best guy ever!
9. And Alex's brother's date, Lisa, was such an amazing girl. I really loved her and she was so much fun. It was nice to have another girl around to laugh and talk with.

And finally, here is the wedding card that I created for Tony and Rebecca's special day. I used lots of materials from their wedding invitation for their card, such as the black ribbon on the flower, the flower itself is made from the directions card of their invitation, and the black butterflies are made from the envelope of their invitations. I think it came out so beautiful!

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