Spring Flower Tutorial: Rolled Flowers!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yeah! Finally, here is the last Spring Flower tutorial: the rolled flower. I saved the best for last because this is my ultimate favorite flower to make. Ever since I learned how to make these {when I did a workshop taught by the ever-so-lovely-and-amazing Elizabeth Kartchner} I fell in love. Now you can fall in love too!

1. Start with a 2x2 square (or if you have a circle punch, you can just punch a circle out). Rip the edges of the square so it forms a circle (and gives it the ripped look).

2. Draw a swirl on the circle in pencil. Start at the outer edge of the circle and work your way in until you reach the center.

3. Next, rip or cut along the swirl until you reach the center. When this is done, your flower should look like the second photo above.

4. Time to start rolling! Begin at the end of your swirl (this should be the skinniest part of the swirl also) on the edge. Slowly, start rolling the paper in towards the center circle. Remember to keep the bottom of the already rolled part even with the paper you have yet to roll. That way, your flower won't travel upwards as you roll it in.

5. Once you're done, your flower should look like this! Try to hold the flower and keep it raveled up until you add some adhesive to the bottom (below photo).

6. After you add your adhesive, your flower is done! If you want a wider flower, unravel your flower in the middle a bit to make it look more like a "more in bloom" flower. I like to smash my flowers a bit in between both of my hands so it looks like the below photo.

And there you have it!

Things to Remember:
-the wider you want your flower, the more you want to unravel it.
-if you want a small flower, cut your circle smaller. Likewise, if you want a bigger flower, cut your circle bigger.
-you can "peel down" the petals of your flower if you want the flower to be a little wider also. It might be good to spray some water or Glimmer Mist on your flower and try to do this while its wet.
-You can cut the circle and penciled-in swirl with craft scissors to achieve different edges for your flower (see the flower below that I did for my workshop taught by Elizabeth Kartchner.


Kelster Jean

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