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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Good morning:

I have several albums and projects that I made that I never photographed or shared, so I will do that in the next couple of days and then pick back up to finish the Spring Flower tutorials. This album is an album of my bunny Murphy. I made this album a couple months ago. I wanted to create separate albums for both Murphy and Maria to reflect solely the memories and love we have for and with each of them. So, I created Murphy's album first.

The album is made out of cardboard coasters. Alex received these coasters in the mail from a cigarette company, and {of course!} when I saw the gorgeous star pattern on the coasters, I snatched it right up from him to save for a mini album.

I really love how pretty and simple this album came out. Most times with my mini albums, I want to add lots of details and journaling, but in this case, the photos of the album were enough. It was very simple and to-the-point, and easily got my message across {which was how much we love the Murphy-butt}. I really think it's amazing what you can do with recycled things that you receive. Junk mail is a big one for me because Alex always gets cigarette ads, etc, in the mail. Also I like to save receipts, written tag orders for when we get our pants seamed {these are cool because they are like the old vintage tailor tags}; I also have saved Christmas wrapping paper to use, and tags that you find on your jeans, clothes, etc after purchasing. It's really awesome to reuse things you find around the house for your projects. You should see what you can find. Some good places to look for cute things are:

-junk mail (perfect for cute things to use!)
-tags on clothes.
-sales papers (yes sometimes you can find cute things in there).
-the newspaper (great place to find things).
-packaging (when you purchase something, sometimes it comes in the cutest packaging, you just have to keep that).
-boxes (i.e. cereal boxes, moving boxes in my case, etc) {these are really good for when you're looking for corrugated cardboard, or a thicker chipboard to back up a project for stability. Also, these sometimes have really cute designs that you can cut smaller and sneak into an album}.

Happy Finding!

Kelster Jeans

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