In the Midst of Bad News....

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's been a very exhausting week for me and Alex. We found out two bits of bad news this week:

1. This week we got Maria spayed. During her vet appointment, the doctor discovered an "unknown growth" in her stomach. After reviewing the x-rays, we discovered the growth is still "unknown" and is growing fast! It's been there for about a month-and-a-half and wasn't there at her last doctor appointment. Unfortunately, the vet said that it can't be removed because her colon is attached to it and there is blood flowing through and around it. We aren't sure what this means as far as how much time she will have with us, but she was spayed anyways to hopefully slow down the growth of this mass.
This was very hard news for Alex and I to hear. Maria is our princess. We love her soooo much. She is at home now and doing well, eating and drinking normally, and being feisty as always. We will just have to watch her eating and hope that she stays healthy for a long time. {You can read my story about when we adopted Maria here}.

2. Our second bit of bad news came later this week when we found out that we will not be renewing our lease for another year. We love our home and were so excited when we found our place. {You can read the story of our new place here, here, and here}. We planned on being in our apartment for several years, but unfortunately, after a very short year {I can't believe it's been a year} we will have to look for a new place. (Note that the reason we are moving is not on fault of us, but rather that the owner wants the condo back for personal reasons).
We are definitely not looking forward to having to move again, but are trying to look at this as an opportunity to get a larger apartment that we can stay in for several years. So far, we have looked at two apartments and neither of them have been too promising, so we're hoping to find "the one" that we end up loving. We shall see.

So, in the midst of our bad news, we have been trying hard to relax and not stress. This includes spending time with our lovely furry children and also going on a movie date {top picture}.

I have also been crafting a lot, and will be sharing some of my projects with you over the next couple of days, including a tutorial for a super cute Happy Easter banner.

So stay tuned to this wild adventure called life.


Kelster Jean

PS: Have a wonderful weekend!

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