Dum, Dum, Dee, Dum: Wedding Day Photos

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hi everyone!

Here are some of the photos from our wedding day. The whole day was lovely and nonstressful; the weather: not so lovely. It rained and snowed most of the day, which changed our wedding plans. We ended up "winging it" and getting married in Alex's parents' back yard. So, here's lots of photos:

My best friend Jessica was there to share the day with us. She is the one that introduced Alex and I, and we owe her all of our thanks. Alex's brother was also there, as well as Derek, who married us. Alex parents also (since we were at their house).

Since it was also Alex's birthday that day, Alex and I had dinner with his parents and his brother at Hank's Farm in Ottawa. (It's a super yummy place and is really gorgeous if you ever get the chance to go).

My last post on the wedding will be dinner with my family!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Hubby and I are going to catch a late movie and dinner!

Kelster Jean

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