A Homemade Frame from a cardboard box

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I had every intention this holiday season of making my own handmade gifts. Unfortunately, busy-ness got the best of me and that didn't happen. One of the few handmade gifts I was able to squeeze out was this handmade photo frame for my sister Kristy. Her and I always compete when it comes to making things, so I had to make something for her that said "Wow, I hate you!"

This handmade frame was actually made from a cardboard box. To make it, I cut the box in half, so I had two panels. On one of the panels, I cut out a rectangle to be slightly smaller than the photo I was using and used pop dots to attach the two panels together. Then, I cut ribbon to put around the frame, and painted white around the ribbon so it didn't stand out as much.
Then came the fun part of decorating. I chose super cute patterned paper to put over the frame and decided to decorate only the right hand corner to not go overboard too much. I added ribbon, a border punch strip (Alex and I have been having lots of fun with my border punch) that we sprayed pink with Tattered Angels spray, made some mini handmade flowers, and added little gems. Finally, I made a little flag banner that says "Family" and added it to the left hand corner. With a little ribbon to "hang" the banner, I was all finished!

I love the way this came and my sister was so jealous! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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