We have a new furry baby!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's official. Alex and I went to the No Splitting Hares Rescue Center today to check out rabbits and see if Murphy could find a new mate. After several meetings, including a cute little Dwarf bunny who was only 1 1/2 old, Alex fell in love with this adorable 2-year-old female rabbit.

After much consideration (or rather long enough to say "Oh my gosh, I love her") we were packing her in the car and bringing home this new baby. We decided to name her Maria, after Maria Brink, the lead singer from one of our favorite bands, In This Moment. She is soft and sweet and nibbles a little (we're hoping to break that habit). The ride home even went really well, and we were able to put them in the cage together all the way home.

We are so lucky to have this wonderful little girl and hope that they get along great. I'm such a proud mama.

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