Congrats Jenny-babe!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know its a little late for me to be up, but I just have to get my thoughts down before they go away. My little sister graduated from high school today (tear, I can't believe my little sister graduated). I'm so so proud of her.

So after getting home from graduation, I had tons of motivation to {finally} scrapbook my graduation photos. Seriously, I graduated in 2005 and I STILL hadn't scrapped the photos. That is how bad I got for a little while with scrapbooking.

So I love the way the pages turned out and hope its not a super long time before I scrap the pictures of Jenny.

Okay nightie night

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  1. such cute pages! i must admit that i love scrapbooking supplies, and a well done layout, but i personally have no patience for the craft :(


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