hi blog world...i miss you so.

HELLLLOOOO OUT THERE!! Does this thing still work?! Hi blog world...I miss you so, and I'm back...for now.

I have been feeling a lot lately that I really really miss blogging, for various reasons.  I think I've always struggled with blogging, and have always tried to turn it into a full time gig, so I never really stopped to enjoy it for what it was. (Overdoing everything is my specialty!)

When I used to read blogs a lot more, I'd look like the photo above: laying in bed in my PJs for an hour or so every day, catching up on the latest posts, saving some to Pinterest.  I didn't spend my time endlessly scrolling on Instgram.  I'd spend my time reading blog posts, which made me feel slightly more productive because I was learning something from the posts I was reading (i.e. not a waste of time!)

Here are a few reasons I feel I'm missing blogging:
  1. I've always been some kind of writer, whether it be journaling or writing in my pink furry diary with a locket on it or on my blog.  I haven't been writing much lately besides journaling I do for my scrapbook pages.
  2. I used to use my fancy camera AAALLL the time!  It was glued to me like an extension of my body. I always preferred using my big camera over a phone camera, any day. I even went so far as to buy a new Cannon a year or two ago when my Nikon had spots on the mirror that just couldn't get cleaned out. Now it's just sitting in the camera bag, collecting dust.
  3. I used to actually take the time to set up photos and make them look "blog-worthy."  Granted this could easily turn into an obsession + anxiety to have "perfect photos," but still.  It challenged me to look at things from new angles and take better photos, staged or not.
  4. Social media posts are limited to characters.  (I don't know how much it is for Instagram posts, but I believe it's around 1,000).  With blogs, you can talk and vent and share everything you have on a certain subject and voila, no limitations!  I also feel like you get better connected with people through blogs than through floods of Instagram posts.  (Seriously, I feel so disconnected from people even on my own friends' lists sometimes because there's just soooo much there and sooo little time).
So that's kinda it.  Just lots of thoughts that have been stored up in my brain lately.  I think it might be nice to just come here and write again, maybe share a few photos, maybe share a project I recently created, or things I like at the moment, and just get it out.  And I just love (and have always loved) the idea of having an outlet that is just for me, my space where I can share and just put whatever I want down and no one can tell me it doesn't belong, because this is my space, dammit!

So that's kinda it.  I'm thinking I'll probably be on here more here and there.  And I'm writing for myself mostly but also to share what's going on and if you read and maybe even leave me a lovely comment, that would be phenomenal!


PS: I like PSs.  

PPS: How do you feel on the subject of blogging?  Are you still blogging?  Do you still love it?  Can you take it or leave it?  I'd love to know!

project life - week one | and my first process video!!

Week 1 of Project Life is done and in the books already.  Woot woot!!! I meant to share a post about my plans for documenting 2018, and I still definitely plan to do that in another post, but I couldn't wait to share my Week One of Project, Life...and my first process video!!!

(doing an insanely embarrassing Carlton-like happy dance!!!)

I've been getting a little braver each time I record a video, and so I decided to give a process video a shot.  I'm a really slow scrapbooker, so I basically had all my photos + products ready to go so that way I wasn't spending all my on-screen time making decisions and picking things out.

Check out my first process video and leave me some love!!

And here's a look at my full page layout.  I go into details about this page and the stories behind them in my video (that I hope you checked out!)  I really enjoyed creating this page and I'm super excited to be doing Project Life again!

Thank you so much for looking and watching!
Kelly Jean

this year, I...

(Happy new year!! Meant to post this before new years, but oh well!)

this year I...

 ...paid for lots of cuddle time with my favorite bear dog.

...did a lot more yoga than any year past! (YAH!)

...was a date to this hot, rad guy for four weddings.

 ...went to a ton of concerts (yah for making up for last year!), including driving to Milwaukee on a Sunday night to see Bishop Briggs.

...danced + sang at the top of my lungs at {probably} my favorite show ever. (also got on hubby's shoulders during one song!)

...saw Beartooth and Shane from Silverstein/River Oaks twice! BONUS!

...went to the 20 year anniversary tour of 3EB with my sister (one of my FAV memories with my sister ever!) and got to experience them play their self-titled album front to back.
soooo epic!!

...took {what we thought was} a year-long hiatus from IVF procedures, only to find ourselves doing other procedures (that story will be in another post).

...welcomed my new niece and learned to be an aunt for the first time!

...also had lots of cuddle time with my favorite bunny princess.

...became an amateur photographer, with a lovely assistant.

...participated (and was successful in finishing) my first Week in the Life ever!

...learned a lot about "embracing the mess."

...realized what it was like to be on the other side of a fertility procedure (not being the patient, but being the supporter).

...did more yoga.

...got me some bangs and a new 'do!

...took lots and lots of lovely, wonderful, magical, sweet, memorable photos.

...gave a beautiful new girl a good home!

...developed a bit of PTSD when our dog Cocoa was attacked by another dog.
...realized just how easy it is for anxiety to get out of control and take over your whole life.
...also realized how hard it can be to get out of that hole and push yourself. 
...remembered (over and over) just how amazing and supportive friends can be.

And finally...

...lived another year that was hard, wonderful, sweet, tragic, and magical with the greatest man in the world.

PS: This post was inspired by Kaelah's "This Year I..." post, which you can find here.

PPS: Happy new year!

A Closer Look | My Incomplete December Daily Albums

It's beginning to look feel a lot like Christmas!! Don't tell my hubby I'm singing that song. He has a very strict "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule. Or my Dad for that matter, who started thinking about Christmas before Halloween was even over!

I've been soooo excited seeing everyone's' December Daily albums + posts + prep work + talking about what products they are using/will be using. I get this insane excitement for December Daily every year, but do you want to know how many December Daily albums I have completed? Go on, guess! (I'll give you a hint, you can count them on one hand, if your hand zero fingers!).

Yep, so I suck at completing projects. It's no secret! But this year, I am absolutely determined to go back and finish some of my incomplete December Daily albums. ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED. To show you what a fail I can be, I just recorded a video that's on my channel now, showing a flip-through of three (yes three) of my incomplete December Daily albums.

These albums are 2011, 2012, and 2013. I haven't even started December Daily 2014, 2015, 2016 or this year's. Yep, I'm THAT much of a fail. But this year, I'm DETERMINED to complete some of them (and in fact, am already done with 2012, thank you very much!).

People always say "it's never too late," and I am a firm believer in that. So this year, I am working to complete as many December Dailies as possible. Follow along with my journey on my Instagram account + the December Daily Facebook group + my You Tube Channel. I'll be sharing a flip-through soon of my completed 2012 December Daily album (Wahoooo!).


P.S.: Are you working to complete any December Daily albums?  How have you done in your attempts? Leave me some notes + love in the comments so I feel better about my crappy progress! haha.

A Closer Look | My First The Wild Hare Kit!!! (with video)

I don't know about you, but I've already soooo gotten the Christmas holiday bite (for at least a month now, haha). Seeing all the videos + posts about December Daily and scrapbook holiday kits coming out just gets me all giddy!!! (Although according to my husband's timeline, there is no official celebrating until after Thanksgiving).

I've had several attempts at December Daily, but so far have none completed. Last year, we were going through a fertility procedure around the Christmas holiday, so I didn't even bother doing anything extra.

So, in thinking about what I might want to do this year to document the holidays, my immediate thought was to go back and finish. Finish past albums that are still incomplete, record last year's memories that I did nothing with, and other precious memories that didn't get documented. Then think about how I might document my Christmas memories this year (maybe in my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner).

Anywho, so I knew I wasn't going to order a December Daily kit because I don't want to be working on a whole album this year. I want to focus on catching up. So, I decided to order my very first The Wild Hare kit!

If you haven't heard of The Wild Hare kits, you definitely need to check them out. Like now!!! I first heard about their kits on the Tracie Claiborne podcast, and I also saw a kit that a friend on Instagram ordered.

To say I'm totally in love with this concept doesn't even begin to describe it. I have always struggled with getting kits once a month and quickly fall behind. On top of that, sometimes the product I receive in the kits is just something I probably won't use or isn't my style (with the exception of the Story kits, of course).

So I loved loved loved the idea of a kit being designed specifically with my tastes, my style, my loves! And ordering whenever you want.  That's right. Whenever! Since I also desperately needed to replenish my Christmas/holiday stash, I thought I would try a holiday-themed kit for my first kit!

I recorded a video of the kit I received. Check it out for a closer look at everything that was included in my kit, and more details about my first The Wild Hare Kit.

Below is a list of all of the products I received in my deluxe kit.  I am overall very happy with the kit and what I received, and I hope you will check out The Wild Hare kits and maybe order one for yourself!

  • 3 12x12 papers from American Crafts (Sweater Weather collection)
  • 1 12x12 paper from Echo Park ('twas the night before Christmas collection)
  • 2 12x12 papers from Bella Blvd. (Santa Stops Here collection)
  • 1 12x12 gold foil paper from Shimelle (American Crafts-Glitter Girl collection)
  •  6 6x6 papers from Pinkfresh Studio (December Days collection)
  • Foiled woodgrain stickers from Pinkfresh Studio (December Days collection)
  • Chipboard alphabets from Bella Blvd (Amorie Alpha)
  • Cork Trees
  • Glitter clothespins from American Crafts (Whittles)
  • Ephemera cardstock pieces from Echo Park (A Perfect Christmas collection)
  • Pinkfresh Studio Everyday Labels stamps

PS: I must say that I was in no way compensated or reimbursed for my opinion. This is just me, ordering a kit with a concept I really like, wanting to try it out!

PPS: I will be sharing more Christmas/holiday posts soon so stay tuned for some inspiration and ideas!

As always, thanks for reading + watching + commenting!

A Closer Look | SC Gypsy Moon Documentor Kit (with coupon code!!)

HELLO! I know it's been a little bit since I've been on here and I'm excited to return and share something fun with you! Recently, I purchased my first ever iPhone (ahem, have no idea what the heck I'm doing!) A big reason for wanting an iPhone was so I could create scrapbooking and memorykeeping-related videos a little easier.

So I'm excited to share with you that I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel! I recently had the opportunity to work with the Studio Calico Gypsy Moon Documentor kit, so I thought I would record a quick video with a closer look at the kit.  I looooveee it sooo much (even though there is lots of purple in it!).  I invite you to check out my video for a closer look at it.

I'm still working on what memories I will be documenting with the kit. I (of course) wanted to go with traditional fall memories, but I really want to go outside of the box and document some other fun memories too.  I"ll definitely share a video with what I end up creating.

COUPON CODE:  I'm also excited that Studio Calico gave me an opportunity to share a coupon code with my readers and followers!  If you sign up for a new 6-month or 12-month subscription using the code shareSC5, it will only be $5 to start.  How freaking awesome is that?!!!  (Please note the deets: Promo cannot be combined with other offers, and must be entered at checkout. Offer valid on the first month of a new subscription). 

I hope you enjoyed my video!  There definitely will be more to come!


So far for Week in the Life (WITL), I am:
1) take photos: CHECK!
2) document words and stories: CHECK!
3) upload photos: CHECK!
4) blog about words + photos for the entire week: CHECK!
5) order products to help document WITL: CHECK!

The Week in the Life project is such a long, multi-task project, and so far I haven't finished one completely.  (I attempted only in 2014 and it was an epic fail and I haven't tried since).  But I think about what Ali said about finishing: it pays off the most when you are done and have all the Week in the Life documentations to look back on.

That is what I am really aiming for!  To finish this and be able to look back on this next year when I attempt WITL again...and in a few years when I have a collection of WITLs.  And I can see what has changed and what hasn't.

Today I am sharing the products I ordered to use to help me document WITL 2017.  I was very selective about what I ordered because one of my goals this year is to use lots of my stash.  I have lots of past Story kits that are perfect for everyday documenting.

1) Storytelling Stamp set.  I looked at a few different stamps from Ali Edwards and loved this one the most (hubby too!) because it had lots of different phrases + Mon-Fri stamps + would be the most versatile in re-using.  (This was originally from the Storytelling workshop and is now available for individual sale).

2) Acrylic paint.  I bought more paint because I have a handful of silk screens that I love but need more paints to use them with.  (Thanks Dad for getting them for me as my Secret Santa for Christmas!!)  The Pendleton + Black Butte + St. Helens came in a group you could purchase together (found in the Christmas products).  The Cascade was then purchased separately.  I can't wait to use these!!!

3) Color Theory Album - 9x12 Clean Slate.  After looking around for lots of album options, I decided to give the Sttudio Calico (SC) 9x12 album a try.  I've never purchased SC albums before + have never scrapbooked 9x12 before, so I'm excited for the challenge + to give their albums a try.  (I ended up with two, so I might use one to finally document our concerts + memorabilia!)

So that's all I ordered. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I definitely want to make a dent in the stash that I have.

My next steps are to start ordering some of my photos!  I think I'm going to order from Persnickety Prints versus the 1-hour Target photos I usually order, because I would like these to be a little better quality and I'll have more size options.


PS:  I've been sharing lots of videos and photos on my Instagram stories if you wanna check it out!  I shared details on all of the products above and even showed some of the silk screens I have.  (You can find me by clicking the icon above (if you're on a computer) or search my name @kelsterjean).  See ya there!