wedding mini album//the story of us by simple stories (and a video!)

Happy day of no labor to my friends in the states!  I'm spending my non-laborious day shopping with my mom-in-law for her dress for the wedding.  While Alex sleeps the day away! (lucky!)

Just dropping in to finally share this mini album I created for my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law.  Seriously, every time I create a wedding album, Alex likes to chime in that he'd like one like that.  Smart ass!  Yes, I know it's been 3 years of marriage and it's still not done, but he said "forever," so that means I have forever to finish it.  Hah!


Also, I recorded another video!  I didn't realize until after I uploaded it that I should have filmed it horizontally.  (Dang it, I always forget that!)  The video goes through the entire wedding album from cover to cover, with details on the collection and what I purchased.  Please take a lookee!  (This is only my fourth video ever and I'm still working out the kinks, so please be kind!)  I guess next time I share a wedding album, it will be my own!

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August's highs and lows.

I know I sound like thousands of other people when I say this, but can you believe August is over already?!  When I was young, I was always told that time will fly by when I'm older.  It totally does!  Sometimes I can't even remember what happened last week.  (damn old age, hah!)   August was an amazing month, though, full of very-high highs and not-so-low lows.

  • shower the bride.  A shower for my bro-in-law.  It was simple and sweet, beautiful and fun!  I got to play photographer.
  • BFF hangouts!  Dinner and drinks at Chili's was my fav.  Laughing over drinks just melts tough days away.
  • my first macaroon.  Not only are these things cute, they're amazingly yummy.
  • rental sweet rental.  I used to spend so much time dreaming about owning a house, but the reality is lately, I'm loving our rental more and more.  The neighborhood is wonderful and there's so many families and doggies around.
  • oh, dog.  Ups and downs with the doggie this month.  We're still adjusting to having another furry around, BUT we both admit life wouldn't be the same without her here.
  • baby season.  Anyone else feel like it's baby season?  I attended the cutest baby shower for my cousin (right).  Then, our dear friends revealed the gender of their first baby!  (left)  Even though we're not quite ready for kiddos, we are so enjoying celebrating everyone else's.
Other notables:
  • lots of hang time.  Even though summer has been crazy busy, I've been enjoying it so much.  We've been hanging with our friends A LOT, which reminds us how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives.  (the photo above is from a summer BBQ=my fav photo EVER!).
  •  just do nothing.  The husband and I are terrible about squeezing in time to "do nothing."  This month, however, we're exceeding with flying colors!  We watched The Lone Ranger and What's Your Number? (both good!), ate ice cream for a late night snack, and did lots of laying around in our PJs.
  • remember the 17th.  Not only was this month my Grandma's birthday month, August 17th marked 6 months since my Grandma passed.  I will always remember the conversation with my Grandpa on this day.  "I just called to say hi.  And I didn't want to say anything, but today's the 17th."  "Yeah, I know...that's why I stayed home."  That was all that needed to be said.  We both understood what this meant.  To share this with my Grandpa was slight comfort to the heartbreak we both feel.
  • back to ventingIt has been over a year since I saw my therapist and visited her for the first time this month.  It was so refreshing to speak with her and tell her everything that has happened the last year.  Alex came too.  (AND I am 100% NOT ASHAMED to admit I see a therapist.  It really helps!)
What were your highs and lows of August?

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sneak peek: September's challenge

Hi dearies!  Happy Friday and happy three day weekend!! (for those in the states).  Just dropping this morning to share with you a sneakie peek at my next Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenge project.  I'm pretty dang excited to finish this up and reveal it next Friday, September 5th.  Check it out!

Heather is also sharing her sneak too, so click the link above to see both sneaks!  AND there's still time to play along with our current challenge.

Haven't heard of Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges?  It's scrap challenges created and hosted by my friend, Heather and I, as a way to get you to scrap your memories.  There is a prize each month and you also have a chance to win a future guest design spot!  Play along with us.  It's super fun!

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new birthday tradition.

Last month, I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition.  A brand new, I'm 27-years-old celebration tradition.  There's nothing really all that special about turning 27, although I keep telling everyone it all goes downhill from here.  (Lemme tell you a secret, IT DOESN'T!)  But I thought it would be so fun to snap a few photos each birthday year and scrapbook them, and be able to look back on them each new year.  Yah!!!

I'm still a little awkward being in front of the camera.  I can take a million selfies on my cell phone, but grab the big girl camera and I have no idea what the heck to do.  (Here's a hint: try playing some of your favorite music and this helps.  Just sing along and smile!)  I also thought about my amazing hubby and how he makes me smile every single day.  I really want these photos to portray me in my true self.  Me that changes my mind every 5 seconds, that worries way too much, that is waay more self conscious than people realize.

One of the birthday photos made it to this layout for my Just Two Midwest Girls project this month.  Created a background with modeling paste and some black spray mist.  Then just layered and created a hidden pocket.  (Love this Teresa Collins Memorabilia line!)  You can check out all the details and close-ups on the Just Two Midwest Girls blog.

I'm 100% not ashamed to admit I still sleep with stuffed animals.  These two are my favs EVER!  The Curious George above was gifted to me by my grandparents and is extremely close to my heart.  It's not the "official Curious George" that I originally had.  After that one disappeared when I was little, my grandparents immediately replaced it with this one.  Not the same, but more meaningful to me.  My Grandma even hand-knitted a scarf for it and handmade its clothes.  I think of her every time I look at it.  Miss her every. single. day.

My little minion has been through the ringer!  Alex won this for me in a crane game, either at Steak and Shake or the movie theatre.  I've had it tons of years and his arm is ready to fall off, but I still tug this little guy so close to me each night to fall asleep.  Even if Alex finds another one for me (we've been on the hunt for MONTHS!) I'll still keep this guy close to me.

Can't wait to look back on these next year and see how much I've grown.  Do you have a birthday tradition?  Let's hear about it!

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snail mail inspiration//using kawaii letter sets.

My post office box has been a little lonely lately, so maybe this snail mail inspiration will channel some happy mail to magically appear in there!  I often hear people say they stalk their mailman, but I'm that girl that stalks the box.  I guess it's the only thing I can do routinely: twice a week, I drive down the street from our home, park in the lot, and take the long walk down the hallway to check my box.  It's kinda sad when there's nothing in there.  It's a long, sad walk back to the door!

This little collection was sent to my friend Stephanie last month.  In her package was:
Stephanie is one of my long-time pen pals.  We write really long letters to each other.  In the past, she has sent me the cutest little kawaii letter sets.  I have a hard time using them though because I fill lots of paper with what I have to say.  Then it hit me....why not spread it across multiple letter sets??  So after I finished my letter, I used washi tape and number stickers to mark what order they go in.  Easy enough, right?

If it fancies you, check out my other snail mail posts here.  Happy Saturday!  I'll be catching up on work...lots of it!


A look back: Warped 2k8 layout

I really miss the days of my hubs and I going to Warped Tour (and other summer festivals).  I used to look forward to Warped Tour every summer.  The line-up usually is, for the most part, amazing!  Where else will you get to see 50 + bands on a hot and sweaty day filled with loud music and teen angst?  Pretty much NOWHERE!  

I first shared this layout here.  What's funny is that I had already scrapped this photo once, but wasn't the happiest with it, so I ended up stripping the layout and redoing it.  Originally there were a few photos on the layout, but for this one, I decided to use just one.  I really love this photo of my hubs with Chris from In This Moment.

This Warped Tour was CRAZY!!!  In addition to Alex meeting Chris, he also got to partake in a circle pit while Maria from the same band was singing in the crowd (for those of you that don't know what that is, it's basically a "pit" in the crowd with people running around in a circle and hitting each other...I know it sounds sillier than it actually looks).  This was also the year I got to meet the amazing Anthony Raneri from my #1 fav band ever, Bayside, and he sold me my t-shirt.  Yah!!!  This was a pretty exciting one!

I shared a little more details on my layout in the previous post, but one of my fav elements of this layout I just HAD to mention again is including memorabilia in this layout.  When you go to Warped Tour, people are always handing out fliers, CD samples, etc.  This is the perfect place to collect some good stuff.  In this layout, I used one of our wristbands as a border (top right corner) and cut up the band schedule into three triangles and adhered them to the layout.  STILL REALLY LOVE THAT I INCLUDED THESE IN THERE!

I'm linking this layout up to Paper Issues "Mixed Tape" challenge.  Warped Tour's compilation CD is the ultimate "mixed tape" and includes some of the best bands from each tour.  And the tour itself is the ultimate mixed tape!  One of the few places to see tons of bands live that rock AND roll.

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Last week, I was a bit under the weather and stayed home from work.  (No, I DID NOT play hookie!)  In between the gazillion hours of sleep I got, I watched a marathon of Love It or List It, ate a snack or two, and lectured the furries for making me so sleepy.  (Seriously, they sleep ALL DAY.  Just watching them makes me tired!)  In the 2 or so hours I was awake that day, I went a little pin crazy and pinned things like an addict!  (I blame it on the house shows...)  So I figured it's about that time for another Pinspiration post to share all the great ideas I found that I might one day use!  (haha!  Don't quote me on that!)

<Click on photo to be taken to original link>

<From top to bottom>
  • This pin is the most perfect pin for me EVER because I often complain how people take their bad days out on other people.  Please don't be that person!
  • Again, ME!  I always think "It has to be the right time" or "I have to plan it out" when really, I need to just start DOING!  Less thinking, more doing!
  • Hello little beauties!  I want every light switch to have its own frame now...OH and my hubby abruptly shot this down when I suggested doing this for all the covers in our apartment...DANG!
  • Um hello full length mirror AND hidden storage.  I call this a WIN WIN!
  • Yes....enough said.
  •  I would definitely own more cookbooks if they were housed in these pretty baskets...and use them!
  • I want to be invited to this pretty party!  Or at least throw one of my own.  I'm thinking a fancy excuse to dress up and drink tea might be in order.
What have you been pinning lately?  Follow me on Pinterest!

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